08 October 2009

The Chilldown Period - Episode Eight - Music for the General - 8 October 2009

 It's that time of the month for yet another release of the Chilldown Period by yours truly - the UBLF. We've got fourty-six minutes (plus) of some grooved out tunes for you from some dang good artists! 

 First up, as always, I'd like to thank he ambienteer for allowing me to use one of his songs.  Up next are some artists/individuals who helped me find artists willing to allow me to use their music: HipGnosis, Kieron James, Auditory Canvas, Solipsistic Nation, and Just Plain Ant

 This podcast is dedicated to my friends' little boy who recently underwent surgery, and whom I've nicknamed "the General." He's an adorable five month old whose cheeks hide his chin. His hazel (for now) eyes are always searching and his laugh will tear down the thickest of walled hearts! Here's to getting better, General!

Now to the list o' artists:

- Duality - Nobody Move

Dublicator - Lonely Phantom - Deep Roots EP - Deep in Dub - CC

- Virelay - The Bind - The Comfort is Confusion EP

It's HereFilm Noir World
"Something Dark" (mp3)
from "It's Here"
(Per Capita Records)
More On This Album

She's EverywhereMoto
"She's Everywhere" (mp3)
from "She's Everywhere"
(Browntown Wreckords)
Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

- Just Plain Ant -  Wanderlust - Songs About Something - Just Plain Sounds

- Cynic One - Just Friends

"The Only One" (mp3)
from "Soulounge"
(Vibe Boutique Records)
Buy at Rhapsody

More On This Album

- Sunna Gunnlaugs - Mindful - Mindful 


Indie Reviewer said...

Thank you for posting such insanely awesome music from independent record labels! I really like Film Noir World's "It's Here" album tracks.

UBLF said...

Your Welcome! sorry for the late response. The FNW song is awesome and be patient for Episode 9 coming in November!