30 July 2011

Dubstep Directive - Four Point Stance

The UBLF here with another killer dubstep show for ya! I called this mix "Four Point Stance" to recognize the NFL is BACK!!!!1111!!!! They have finally ended their lock out and we can get ready for more Gridiron in the fall! For those of you who don't care about American Football, my apologies for self-indulgence. The Four-point stance is a stance that defensive linemen get into to get ready for the play. I HATED IT when I played football... but there is something truly old skool about it. For those football (to Americans soccer), rugby, Australian Football, and Gaelic football fans - I got love for y'all as well! (Still learning about the Gaelic league and rubgy rules - still doesn't stop me from watching it though).

CC credit for the photo - taken by Alaska Works - original

Correction 1 August 2011: I misspelled betamorph and that has now been corrected! You can visit their website at http://www.betamorphrecordings.com. (Thanks Mega Tron!)

Here goes the tracklisting for this month's onslaught of bass heavy music!

DemonDubz - Relay Wobz - CC

Coven - Turn Around

Numa Crew EPBotz of Numa Crew
"Forgotten Files" (mp3)
from "Numa Crew EP"
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Matta - Sub Rosa

As the Sun Goes Down - SingleInContext
"As the Sun Goes Down" (mp3)
from "As the Sun Goes Down - Single"
(Velcro City Records)
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RaveFormz - Twilight

Arcane - Transhumanism

Phrenik feat Jillian Ann - Set it Off - Set it Off EP

at dawn we rage - Winner - Winner/Kit Two EP - Heavy Artillery records

Filth Collins - Bam! - Let me Go EP - Betamorph recordings

The Future Dubstep LPTim Ismag Ft. 6blocc
"The Ranch" (mp3)
from "The Future Dubstep LP"
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Distrikt & Affe Maria - Get Thrilled - courtesy of Betamorph recordings (website www.betamorphrecordings.com)

Candy Machine - SingleGordon Freeman
"Gordon Freeman" (mp3)
from "Candy Machine - Single"
(Velcro City Records)
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AP3X - Breath - courtesy of Monkey Dub Recordings

15 July 2011

The Chilldown Period - Episode 29 - Every Fifteen Minutes

First off, before we start this summary/build up for this episode I've got to give a shout out to a few people who gave great suggestions and helped me in my call for music for this show such as DJ Johnny Flores (@johnnyfloresDJ), David Nemeth (@dpnem), _WhipSmart_ (@_WhipSmart_), ShakeNRelease (@ShakeNRelease), Pixie Guts (@PixieGuts), and Heather (@SiriuslyHeather).

Thanks to ambienteer for the great music for my intro and bed music, and to Dusted Kingdom, Ali Rogers/puracane, Phantogram, Johnny Flores, Emily in Love, dustmotes, Mecca:83, blackdaylight, Organic Affiliates, dedpop, Mojo, DUBNut records, Ariel Publicity and IODAPromonet for allowing me to use the music for this great episode of the Chilldown Period.

There is a saying here in Idaho that if you don't like the weather wait fifteen minutes for it to change. A lot of times it either snows or is sunny... but I've seen a day where it snowed, sun, hailed, sun, thunderstormed, sun and the wind blowed. It was crazy!

So, in reference to this statement I decided to make a show where there are music "weather patterns" that last for fifteen minutes. Maybe not equal - but it's nice stuff!

correction 20 July 2011 - The first band on the show, The Trews, I forgot to mention them by name in the second attempt at the show... One of these days I'll get my head on straight and get things closer to perfection. My apologies to everyone.

Here is the tracklisting:

Weather Pattern One

The Trews - One by One - Hope and Ruin (courtesy of Ariel Publicity)

Canyon CandyJavelin
"Estevez" (mp3)
from "Canyon Candy"
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Counting What Ifs (feat. Soundmouse)boyChild
"Counting What Ifs (feat. Soundmouse)" (mp3)
from "Counting What Ifs (feat. Soundmouse)"
(Three Sixty Records)
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Emily in Love - Sow the Seeds - Let's Pretend We're in Love - Corpid - CC

Much That Could Be FoundVio/Miré
"Ivory Gull" (mp3)
from "Much That Could Be Found"
(Tip Top Recordings)
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Weather Pattern Two

dustmotes - con-form-ist - equilibria - dusted wax kingdom

Organic Affiliates w/ Santonio - Ay Yo

Johnny Flores - Medley - Eksperi Mental

Wermonster - Underground Continental - RCPLTR II - Musica Vermella - CC

Curly Jefferson - Come Closer - Ooh La La!! - dedpop

Mecca:83 - Together(ness) - The Life Sketches

Weather Pattern Three

blackdaylight - Moon Hop - attack of the extravagant minimalist - Stigae Music - CC

Puracane - All Over Now - I've Been Here the Longest

Jennings - Surrender - Collapse, Collide (courtesy of Ariel Publicity)

Phantogram - When I'm Small - Eyelid Movies

85 decibel Monks - Inside Job - Reel to Real - dusted wax kingdom

Weather Pattern Four

Mojo feat. Gizella - Wake Up

Cally D - Look Up - A Place for Us - DUBNut

OVERCAST SOUND - Proceed to the Exits - Holding Pattern - basic_sounds - CC