29 October 2010

The Chilldown Period - Landmark Series Vol. 2

The Landmark series is back with an hour full of serene, chilled out landscapes.

There are a tremendous amount of people to thank, so let's hop to it!

jkn at Relaxed Machinery
Interzone Inc
Hidden Places, aka Travis N
the ambienteer
Disruptive Platypus
Mike Crain
@LPdevotee aka The Northern Hemisphere
Earth Mantra netlabel
Public Spaces Lab
Swaying Smoke
James Williams
circles and lines
Thomas Raukamp
and so many more!

Direct Download link found here!

Now, to the tracklisting!

Bob Ohrum - Song For You (I'll Never Forget) - Elevated - Relaxed Machinery

wito - spring rain - phobia rain.split EP

Interzone Inc. - Exile - Incarnations

Gaston Arevalo - Velero - Habitat - Passage - CC

ambienteer - a song from 5.95 MHz - experimental pieces 4

Mind over Midi - Post-Lunch Dip 1 - Thru EP - Sutemos - CC

Mike Crain - Impetus

Christoph Schindling - Reentry - Expressions EP - Tropic - CC

The Northern Hemisphere - Idle Talk - The Northern Hemisphere EP

Lucette Bourdin and Darrell Burgan - Jyotimsi - Prasantih (2010) - Earth Mantra - CC

Ryan Gregory Tallman - Eulogy - Meat Piles and the Birds of Appetite - Isolationism Records - CC

Swaying Smoke - Morality and Mortality - The Future Lab - Public Spaces Lab - CC

20 October 2010

Dubstep Directive - Dubstep Special Forces

It's that time again!

Time for another hour of filth, wobble and devastation from some elite dubstep producers. They're going to infiltrate your speakers, convert you to their bass heavy ways and get your toes to tapping.

This is my attempt at a patch for this elite group. And yes, that's a moose. So, why a moose?

It's big, it's mean, it's nasty...

and I like them. So, get over it!

When my voice comes up, and you hear a tapping sound - that's me not getting the metronome turned off in the background of GarageBand. That's MY fault!

But that shouldn't keep you from enjoying the podcast!

Correction - well, I forgot to add something to the voicing of the podcast, but I'll do it here! It's Undertow's facebook page! Check it out here!

Also, the record on the patch came from the Rock Star 2.0 wingding font pack from Blue Vinyl. Visit them and check out what they have!

Here's the tracklisting!

The Valency - Ungrateful

bunk - Truck Stop Garbage

Miraja - Sunlight Again feat. Eva Kade

Filthstift - Remember

Misshin - Rise

Cypocalypse - Spanish Bass

Sparx Fox - ScrapYard

"Through Ya Bones" (mp3)
from "Root"
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More On This Album

X Hertz feat. Radiance - Neva Kno

Meltus Riddler - Hit You With the Futuristic

The Doctor (UK) - The Allseeing I & I

Undertow - Shoot Out

Bodyhie - Convergence - Pixel Thoughts EP - Dubfact Label

Pete Miles - Another Piece of Me

13 October 2010

The Chilldown Period - Epsode 21

Welcome, everyone, to yet ANOTHER edition of the Chilldown Period! I'm glad you could make it!

So, get yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds on this episode of the Chilldown Period.

I'm grateful to all of the artists who allowed me to use music on this edition of the podcast.

Thanks to you for bringing these sounds into your auditory repertoire!

Now, at last - the tracklisting!

Tha Silent Partner - Beantown Cha Cha - P Pulsar - blocSonic

The Take - Neon Beams - Only Mountain - Alpha Pup

MOnk - Arctic Blues - Damaged Music for Damaged People

Maxime Robin - Swell - 30 bpm

Bankari - Heshi - Octopus 3 - Fresh Poulp - CC

Bookworm - Let's Jumble - Lab Coat presents "Hi" - Lab Coat

Enio - To Make Do - Immolate

Spoovoy - Moon Bass

Smoothe Moose United - Ain't Nobody feat. Becca Stevens - Smoothe Moose Mixtape #2 2009

Bugseed - crisis management - Bohemian Beatnik LP

AlpinismsSchool of Seven Bells
"Half Asleep" (mp3)
from "Alpinisms"
(Ghostly International)
Stream from Rhapsody
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More On This Album

COilOcilator - The Kingston Wriggle

Rho - First Fist - Ceadarleaf - No Source - CC

Lucky ShinerGold Panda
"You" (mp3)
from "Lucky Shiner"
(Ghostly International)
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More On This Album

Honey MeridianMilinal
"Brinta" (mp3)
from "Honey Meridian"
(Audiobulb Records)
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More On This Album

DJ Rich Ears and Streamer - Gear Thy Bearings