24 February 2011

Dubstep Directive - Road to Valhalla

Update 1 March 2011: The Tracklisting is updated and you will find links to all of the artists on the show from last week.

I hope you enjoy the music!

I'm going to do a quick tracklisting tonight because I'm fairly exhausted.

I give all credit to Sleaze for inspiring this cover. I was out trying to get a great photo last year, saw the mountains in the background, the road - then I remember a few days after taking the shot...

Sleaze did an album cover with a similar flavor a while back. So all of the credit goes to him for inspiring this podcast cover.

Now, to the tracklisting (download the show here):

Silver LiningMimosa
"Pushing Little Daisies" (mp3)
from "Silver Lining"
(Muti Music)
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More On This Album

Dark Elixir - Ghost Signals

D'Artist - Hype Talk

HellNegative - The Fifth Element

Blooandmax - Hell's Army

12th Canvas - Terminator

DJ Big F -Welcome to My World

haX - narchaotics

Dub-Rex - Hit 'em with this sound

SPL & Triage - Valhalla - Valhalla EP

Trystan Seven & Rhinoceros - Marry Jane - Irradiated

Binarity - Generate - Dregs EP

Prosmack - Gamma

Natural Frequency - Sanctuary

12 February 2011

The Chilldown Period - Episode 25

This is the two year anniversary of the show and I wish it was under happier auspices. Over the past 24 months I've come in contact with great artists and music fans who have helped make this show awesome. Thanks to everyone for this time. I've already done a post about why it maybe a while before we get the show going again and I talked about it on the show - I think that is enough. This is a show of good music for everyone out there to enjoy.

Download it here.

(I'll give you a more detailed tracklisting tomorrow. It's late and I've got to get up early for my jobs tomorrow. So, here is a quick one for you all.)

Muhr - melodrames - Here Fall Themes - Cammille Music Netlabel

More - EPBob Zopp
"Breakline" (mp3)
from "More - EP"
(Cosmic Playroom)
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More On This Album

Zmitser Von Holzman - Papa - This is How I Feel - Subwise Netlabel - CC

GDaddie - Jazz Shepherd - The Truth EP - Dusted Wax Netlabel - CC

Sounds For Modern LivingLeisureCo
"Centennial" (mp3)
from "Sounds For Modern Living"
(Shameless Records Canada)
Stream from Rhapsody
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More On This Album

alka - When You Abandon Your Youth [Drexon Field remix] - A dog lost in the woods remix album || proceeds going to charity!

Suhov - Take 9 - Heartbox EP - Budabeats - CC

Jay-Sun - Caught the Sun - Esqaphone

moolen - nineteen pt. 1 - art of heartwork - LCL netlabel - CC

Johnny Flores - Eksperi - Eksperi Mental

The Organization (Revise + Adaline) - Point Blank - Neo-Noir

Maps and Transit - Tendrils - Songs for Driving - Camomille - CC

Starchild - The Magician Pt. II - Obsessed EP