26 August 2011

Dubstep Directive - BIG

Oh, that's how we're doing it for this mix:

B - I - G!

This is an hour of huge tunes being dropped like a piano on Wile E. Coyote's head. We have bass, bass, wobble, filth, robobeats, bass and more bass washing over your speakers from the rinse that is about to be put on you!

Big ups to BETAMORPH Recordings, Dubstep.net, Monkey Dub Recordings, and to all of the folks who have been apart of this show.

Tell your friends, tell you family, tell your enemies, tell your local politicians to tune into this show: your internal organs will thank you.


Victor Gurr ft. Si Norton - Sway - CC

Perilous TimesThe Nomad
"Give Some Love (feat. Rayjah45)" (mp3)
from "Perilous Times"
More On This Album

Impact - Travelling - Konga - Courtesy of Monkey Dub Recordings

Reign & Fable - The World is Ours

1point5 - Warp Zone - HGR-001 - Courtesy of Hi-Grade Recordings

Ashes & Dialect - Burning - h/t Dubstep.net

Minnesota - BASS POWER

Skit - Check This - Facebook page

LOGAM & TL - Huggable Panda - Dagobah System EP - courtesy of Betamorph Recordings

Robokop - Giggles

Resykle - Infinite Ammo - CC - facebook

Gutcha - VIP Rid

SDK - Break - CC

GM3 - Bassnosis

Recluse (courtesy of ViRiOn) - Necromancer - CC

12 August 2011

Chilldown Period - Episode 30 The Summer Mix 2011

It's summer in Idaho! Unfortunately, it won't be for much longer. I'm throwing you guys a big ole summer time mix taking the retro/nostalgic sounds of Chillwave and mixing them with the happy sounds of Skweee.

This is going to be a fun mix and I hope you enjoy the show. Special thanks, as always, to the ambienteer for the intro music, to all of the bands/artists who allowed me to use their music and to the New Dust blog for their great musical selections!

If there are any mistakes made in the show, please feel free to let me know and I'll make the corrections!

Now, onto the SHOW!

Underneath The PineToro Y Moi
"Still Sound" (mp3)
from "Underneath The Pine"
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Digi G'Alessio - RUTH - The Brown Book - phonocake - CC

Chad Valley - Fast Challenges - Equitorial Ultravox - cascine

Double Dog Dare EPStickem
"Double Dog Dare (Stickem Radio Megamix) [feat. Joxaren, Beem, Mesak]" (mp3)
from "Double Dog Dare EP"
(Titched Records)
Stream from Rhapsody
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Pop Music / False B-SidesBaths
"Pop Song" (mp3)
from "Pop Music / False B-Sides"
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trans alp - drowning circus - silizium - phonocake - CC

Sun Glitters - the wind caresses her hair

Spartan Lover - Zbeig - Zbeig (single) - Mässy

Exact Index - Swimming Shark

Streetisms Vol. 2Monk Fly
"Megasoid Returns" (mp3)
from "Streetisms Vol. 2"
(The Frequency Lab)
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More On This Album

Inca Gold - Into Hiding - Inca Gold II

Professor Ojo - Big Wheeler - Schemes and Plans - bedroom research - CC

Underwater Seacreatures - Shudder to Think - Underwater Seacreatures - CC

Headroom Vol. 1MoR
"Skweemo" (mp3)
from "Headroom Vol. 1"
(The Frequency Lab)
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Craig Cruiser - Go Ahead - Lifestyles

Mononomonooto - あたしがいればいいじゃない - CC