29 April 2010

The Chilldown Period - Thank You

I maybe wearing out my welcome this month, but I decided to drop one more mix to say thank you to everyone for your support and listens over the past year!

I have been searching IODAPromonet for songs for past podcasts and I found a few that I really liked... but just did not seem to fit some of the shows and their "format."

Through my searching and matching, I came up with this list at almost the last minute and I wanted it to be a complete surprise. So, last week I finished the tracklisting (for me that is last minute) and then I realized that 1000 downloads was coming up.

So, what better way to celebrate than with music. And with typical Chilldown Period fashion - I did make a mistake. Mux Mool is with Ghostly International not Muti. Plus, my accent came out in pronouncing Mux Mool's name - I said mull....

I promise... this is the last one this month (unless someone wants to do a quick team up with me, then I hold the right to do one).

Enjoy, and thank you!

The Future's Looking GrimYea Big, Kid Static
"Bots" (mp3)
from "The Future's Looking Grim"
(JiB Door)
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Iuengliss / Hollagramz Laser03 - EPIuengliss
"Malaysian Caning" (mp3)
from "Iuengliss / Hollagramz Laser03 - EP"
(Bocumast LTD.)
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Auditory Canvas - "Fabric of Life"

Hypnotic… no, the term has become almost cliché.

Atmospheric… ummm, warmer.

Esoteric? That would mean this album could only be understood by a select few…

It is hard, sometimes, to describe music without falling into tired, old sayings which resonate through music reviews. So I’ll do my best by lightly touching in areas I barely want to tread.

“Fabric of Life”, by Auditory Canvas, deserves more than typical tags to let potential listeners understand what is being conveyed.

The catalog of music is a look at life from the microcosm outside your front door to the vastness of humanity and the world.

“Fabric of Life” is used to portray this spectrum through graceful simplicity, downtempo temperance and thoughtful orchestration.

Through simple strings a rain storm can be heard.

Hand beaten drums and soft guitars allow you to meet strangers through musical notes, tender vocals and prose.

The use of varied instruments and beats with added gifts of spoken word, allow you to see the world and his hope for society from a unique perspective.

All in all, “Fabric of Life” should become a useful selection in your musical library for both relaxation and mental expansion.

28 April 2010


I just wanted to take a few seconds to say thanks to everyone who has downloaded my shows! The Chilldown Period has hit 1000+ downloads yesterday (or maybe the day before), and to say thank you I'm going to do a quick thirty minute mix due out tomorrow.

Hey, I've got just enough space to do it in :)


the UBLF

22 April 2010

The Chilldown Period - Episode Fifteen

April... oh the month of showers - both from the clouds and of music!

Okay, I'll stop with the waxing poetic stuff... it isn't suiting me so well right now.

This month has been a blast sharing music with you first from Moshi Kamachi, then the wobble wobble womp womp of the dubstep show, and back to basics with some good ole fashioned chillout.

A couple of corrections and/or additions:

The name of the song from Ocoeur on this episode is Hidden Floor and Isaboe's album is called Love Sun, not Lone Sun as I said. Also, ASiH is not a word, it's A Study in Her...

man, I need to do my research before I open my mouth!

With that out of the way, it's time to bring out the track listing!

Detroit NocturnesPhylum Sinter
"Before The Sun Blinds Us (feat. Tamara Finlay)" (mp3)
from "Detroit Nocturnes"
(MMR - Middle Management Recordings)
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Ocoeur - Hidden Floor - Les hommes ne savent pas voler - musica vermella - CC

A Study in Her - Days & Nights & Weeks & Months - In, Out, About - electronic eel

Hot Box StudiesDrop Logik
"Out of Headspace" (mp3)
from "Hot Box Studies"
(Black Bridge)
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"Like Horse for Comfort" (mp3)
from "Kabuto"
(The Frequency Lab)
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For The LoveCommand Strange
"Got To Be Real" (mp3)
from "For The Love"
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texture - vilnius colony - Aphasia - Black Lantern Music - CC

Isaboe - Golden Year - Love Sun

Strange Republik - Ghost (Part 2) - Reactor - CC

PeripheryThe Seven Fields of Aphelion
"Mountain Mary" (mp3)
from "Periphery"
(Graveface Records)
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Red Box Recorder - Ghost Trio - Colour Codes - acroplane - CC

Works, Downtempo Musique and Other Temperate TracksLa Boutique
"You're a Real Angel" (mp3)
from "Works, Downtempo Musique and Other Temperate Tracks"
(Mahjong Music LTD)
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