29 April 2010

Auditory Canvas - "Fabric of Life"

Hypnotic… no, the term has become almost cliché.

Atmospheric… ummm, warmer.

Esoteric? That would mean this album could only be understood by a select few…

It is hard, sometimes, to describe music without falling into tired, old sayings which resonate through music reviews. So I’ll do my best by lightly touching in areas I barely want to tread.

“Fabric of Life”, by Auditory Canvas, deserves more than typical tags to let potential listeners understand what is being conveyed.

The catalog of music is a look at life from the microcosm outside your front door to the vastness of humanity and the world.

“Fabric of Life” is used to portray this spectrum through graceful simplicity, downtempo temperance and thoughtful orchestration.

Through simple strings a rain storm can be heard.

Hand beaten drums and soft guitars allow you to meet strangers through musical notes, tender vocals and prose.

The use of varied instruments and beats with added gifts of spoken word, allow you to see the world and his hope for society from a unique perspective.

All in all, “Fabric of Life” should become a useful selection in your musical library for both relaxation and mental expansion.

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