29 April 2010

The Chilldown Period - Thank You

I maybe wearing out my welcome this month, but I decided to drop one more mix to say thank you to everyone for your support and listens over the past year!

I have been searching IODAPromonet for songs for past podcasts and I found a few that I really liked... but just did not seem to fit some of the shows and their "format."

Through my searching and matching, I came up with this list at almost the last minute and I wanted it to be a complete surprise. So, last week I finished the tracklisting (for me that is last minute) and then I realized that 1000 downloads was coming up.

So, what better way to celebrate than with music. And with typical Chilldown Period fashion - I did make a mistake. Mux Mool is with Ghostly International not Muti. Plus, my accent came out in pronouncing Mux Mool's name - I said mull....

I promise... this is the last one this month (unless someone wants to do a quick team up with me, then I hold the right to do one).

Enjoy, and thank you!

The Future's Looking GrimYea Big, Kid Static
"Bots" (mp3)
from "The Future's Looking Grim"
(JiB Door)
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Iuengliss / Hollagramz Laser03 - EPIuengliss
"Malaysian Caning" (mp3)
from "Iuengliss / Hollagramz Laser03 - EP"
(Bocumast LTD.)
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