09 May 2010

Cover for Episode 16 of the Chilldown Period

It's getting to be that time again!!!

This Thursday, another episode of the Chilldown Period will be gracing the interwebs for you all to enjoy with some smoooooooooth sounds and tasty beats.

I was trying to come up with a cover or theme for this episode, and one that came to mind was "Hotel." I kept thinking of the Hotel Costes compilations (not sure if the music would fit onto one of the albums* - but the chill is just as comparable in my opinion).

But that would be a little to much to do. So I thought of another theme, but I did away with that concept.

Now, I chose a wheel of cheese... HUH? How's that chill?!?!?

I like cheese. It's a favorite food of mine.

There's nothing like a good slice of cheddar, or Monterey Jack, or Havarti, or Pepper Jack...

Just like on this compilation - just good "slices" of music all over the place.

See, you get the picture!

I hope you come back in a few days and help enjoy this compilation with me - I know I've enjoyed compiling it and listening to the tunes over the past few weeks.

*Personal Opinion Update - HECK YEAH, the music on this podcast could be on one!!

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