13 May 2010

The Chilldown Period - Episode Sixteen

Ahhh, cheese!

Just like a good cheese, this episode is an hour of goodness which you will enjoy.

How do I know this?

I'm psychic.... or psychedelic.

Or psychotic...

Anyway, enough with the self-talk - let's get to the show.

A few Addendums: The title of the song from tmsgksk is "inclemency", (Mary) Jenning's song "Falling Higher" is from the Femtastic album, and leaving richmond's song "slow to exhale" is from the the secret traditions of washington ave. album.

My Bubba and Mi - Gone - How It's Done in Italy - Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck - CC

tmsgksk - inclemency - -451°F EP - anansi - CC

Shlohmo - Ghosts Pt. 2 - Shlo-fi EP - Error Broadcast - CC

Mid/AirDive Index, Natalie Walker
"Between Sky and Sea" (mp3)
from "Mid/Air"
(Neutral Music)
Buy at neutralmusic.com
Stream from Rhapsody
More On This Album

Crookram - A Man Named Ivan - Through Windows - budabeats - CC

Tha Silent Partner - Tears - Starksy - blocSonic - CC

Adam & Alma - Naked - Back to the Sea - 23 seconds - CC

Just Plain Ant - As I Tell You - Songs About Something XE - blocSonic - CC

Auditory Canvas - Fabrique - Fabric of Life

Jolea - Love Ruins All - Ghostly Figures EP - Audiobaum - CC

Jennings - Falling Higher - Femtastic (courtesy of Ariel Publicity)

leaving richmond - slow to exhale - The Secret Traditions of Washington Ave

Inner Light Spectrum - Afternoon in the Park (Orbiting Dream) ft. Dan Prudian - The Path to Reality

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