24 May 2010

Himuro - 4P

I was on the Bedroom Research netlabel website last night trying to find some information and came across their latest release from Himuro. So, I pressed play on the popup player and was addicted.

I'm talking a Dr. Pepper rush! The glitchy, the wonky, the IDMy... it's fantastic. I had to listen to the four song EP, called 4P, a few times.

As soon as "Pay for What" comes on, the big beats pull you into the system Himuro creates. You think you can escape the galatic gravitational pull he puts up, but the sounds are too big to let go. Basslines, vocal samples, and electronic buzzes capture you fully.

My favorite track on this roller has to be Pointing Answers. We're dropping heavy bass and glitch which could be found on a Muti Music album. Himuro's sounds make you move, taking you from potential to kinetic energy help you knock on the door of possibly becoming a perpetual motion machine.

Ummm, I've been reading a book about how to make science fiction possible... and it's seeping into my writing right now.

Do yourself a favor and head over to Bedroom Research and download yourself a copy. I don't need to say much more.

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