12 May 2010

Creative Commons Choosings - 12 May 2010

I've neglected you all for quite a while now...

And because of that I'll be shuffling through quite a few CC Choosings - just writing quick blurbs about each one as we go. So, leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet's get to it!

Beautifully crafted IDM which will cause a chill induced trance. As I said on the podcast, I was searching for a song by Phylum Sinter and saw a video for the song "Hidden Floor" listed on the side. I pulled up the video and did some digging to find that the release was on the netlabel Musica Vermella. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this ablum!

I'm not quite sure how I came across this artist, but however I did it was a breath of fresh air. Clytem Scanning is an Experimental Pop artist which will throw you from bipolar stalker mode with "Hold My Hands" to a downright dance-able tune of "Lions and Montgolfiers". Just fascinating stuff from beginning to end! She's also a paper collage artist who creates art under the pseudonym Miss Lois Iron. Take the chance and discover her music for yourself!

I was searching the NewTechnoID blog (I believe) looking for new netlabels and artists for future podcasts. I happened across Rack and Ruin and searched their releases page. I found this album cover with a Donkey wearing a suit. I had to check it out!

What did I find? A wild ride worthy of Mr. Toad. It's a jaunt through soundscapes and mash-up creating melodies and harmonies out of music concrete, toy instruments and good ole synths. It was a risk I am glad I did take. It is filled with lyrics which make you think and reverb and vocoded voices and static and and and....

Just go get it! I'll be waiting right here when you get back.

Adam and Alma - Back to the Sea - 23 Seconds

I don't want to use this word too much in this blogposting, but here it is: Beautiful. Just a beautiful, tight crafted EP worthy of a warm night, a bottle of good drink (soda included) and just star gazing. As the 23 Seconds website says:

"Electronic sounds, Johan's piano and Ellen's voice make a unique sonority that brings the electronic back to the organic. Back To The Sea is a collection of the first songs they made together. "

I couldn't have said it better!

Have you ever listened to the group WE(tm)? The trio from New York who dropped a nice, illbient sound? If you have - take that kernel and build on top of it a more abstract hip-hop archway. Alright, since you have that harmonic situation set up - you have a feeling of what Shlohmo's Shlo-fi is about. This wonderkid from LA is laying quality ear candy which should be, and needs to be heard!

The genre tag in iTunes shows that this album is a piece of "Indietronica". Fair enough, I can agree to that. Acoustic sounds, glitchy background, satisfying synths and tailor-made rhythms all accompany you on this auditory journey. Nice, relaxing, and glitchy.

Screenatorium - Take Off for Naive - Freezec

Wax Tailor - first name which comes to mind when you hear this album. I'm sure there are a tonne of other artists that can compare. Not because they're from France as well, but just the sounds in my mind compare. The beats aren't as big, but the sound is just as massive. Melodies, Harmonies, intricacies, abilities... all of them are front and center in this gem of an album. I was on twitter when I miniblogged about them (Thanks to @a_demorgan and GoodNetLabels for introducing me to this group) and Just Plain Ant added:

JustPlainAntRVA @UBLF heard the album a couple weeks ago. perfect for the end of a long day.


You've heard me rave about Just Plain Ant, Oh.bliv, Saine, Nameless, airnino, Junior Wong, Sleaze, dusted wax kingdom, and others.

Well, let me introduce you (or reintroduce you) to dustmotes. I thought his previous release on Public Spaces Lab, Beats for the Subverted, was superb. Paul knocks another release out of the stratosphere with "The Containment Sessions." I can hear people doing the comparisons to DJ Shadow, which is very fair!

Clich├ęd? Unfortunately, yes...

(I'll be first to admit that did come to my mind, I need to learn more artists)

But there's a list I just mentioned at the beginning which deserve comparison. This group of artists, and one netlabel, all embody what I call "nostalgic hip-hop." You just want to hear the vinyl popping up close and personal. You can envision a whole stack of wax with post-it notes giving you improv directions, notebooks, Technic 1200s, mixers, computers, the whole nine yards.

"The Containment Sessions" contains all of these visions for me: great samples, tempting loops, beats of a premium cut, and focus on the future.

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