26 May 2010

Turntable Thoughts x The Chilldown Period: Dub Love

Turntable Thoughts, hosted by the Silence, is taking over the Chilldown Period for a thirty minute soulful dubstep session ready for your ears!

This is a mix that is approved by the UBLF and this blog :).

Check out the website www.turntablethoughts.com for more great mixes by the one and only Silence!

And also, check out the cover he designed* - just amazing!!

Quick Update: Silence let me know it wasn't him but Dj Myxplx out of Los Angeles who designed the cover. Big ups to DJ Myxplx and to Silence!!


01. Me'shell Nd├ęgeocello - Love Song #1 (TT Edit)
02. Bob Marley - Is This Love? (Logik Dubstep Remix)
03. Pusuit Grooves - Whisper
04. Quest - Eden
05. Dezaray Dawn - Chameleon
06. Pinch ft. Yolanda - Get Up (L.V. Disco Mix)
07. Mite & Distal - Chocolate Circuit
08. Pinch - Gangstaz w/
09. Jill Scott - Crown Royal
10. Kryptic Minds - Stepping Stone
11. Liquid Stranger ft. Deeyah - Hexed and Perplexed w/
12. Erykah Badu - Honey (Seji Mix)

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