01 June 2010

Meet Valabaluza

I've been currently working on a project and in the midst of doing so I came across an artist on soundcloud who goes by the moniker Valabaluza.

Valabaluza dabbles in quite a few different styles from minimal to dubstep to drum and bass to house. One common thread between them all is they each have a dark quality which is quite delightful (except for Apache).

In Marsch, there is this quite bouncy, deep bass line with a dancing melody layered on top of it which is a full torso mover coupled with an infectious sound.

After Midnight has a great buildup with a low, synthesized melody taking over about midway. It's a nice, slow, grinding song with a nice bounce quality.

The Drum and Bass sounds do not disappoint, either. Gated is a speed freak fun ride! Not as dark as the other stuff, but quite a tasty treat.

Apache is another body mover. The guitar riff makes this song, in my opinion, alongside nice house beats with tight bass are just what the doctor ordered!

The song which caught my attention was Polka Dub! If you've followed me here or on my twitter feed, you'll know that I've been pining for a polka dub artist to come along. Valabaluza intertwines polka, dub and dubstep into a fascinating mix which helped me become a fan of his music.

Also, don't miss out on Valabaluza's minimal mixes: Deluxe and Woodchucker Remix.

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Monika said...

Valabaluza is the shit!!!!!