10 June 2010

The Chilldown Period - Episode Seventeen: Whopperjawed

What in the everliving heck does Whopperjawed mean?

Okay - for this we'll have to head to the Outer Banks of North Carolina (the coast), and more specifically the island of Ocracoke and the village of Atlantic with a few areas around there.

They have a unique accent nicknamed "High Tider" which is pronounced "Hoi Toider". It's quite entertaining to hear. The dialect has a list of words such as mommucking (messing around, wind tossed), dingbatter (tourist), and pizer (porch).

Whopperjawed is another local treasure of a word. Let's say you have a building with a tower in the middle of it. Over time, the earth decides move and the foundation settles different than what you had planned for. Now, that tower is not plumb with the rest of the house.

That is whopperjawed. Just like the fence in the picture above - it's closer to the ground than to being straight up and down.

I've decided to hijack this word and apply it to the music on this podcast. The music which you'll find here doesn't really fit in a genre, or if it does - one that isn't mainstream. Tunes will range from dark to danceable to outright experimental. In a sense, if genres were houses, these songs would be the part which is whopperjawed.

And this is not a bad thing!

I did get one thing wrong in the podcast - it is Stage Magick, not Strange Magick, by Hideous Men.

Also: R.I.P. to the "Buzzer" - UVB-76 ... it's now offline.

Now, on with the tracklisting!

What's in a Name EPHipGnosis
"Shallow and Pendantic" (mp3)
from "What's in a Name EP"
(Summer Rain Recordings (White))
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More On This Album

dama - sats on crash - plan-net dea(r)th - 33recordings - CC

Clytem Scanning - Lions and Montgolfiers - Clytem Scanning EP - Bedroom Research - CC

Erronois - new tones in atmosphere - The Winter Season - 51 beats - CC

Hola One and Poros - Lost Signs (featuring sbtrmnl) - Lost EP - Audio Tong - CC

"A42" (mp3)
from "Condors"
(Monotreme Records)
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More On This Album

bubbles - Plastic Everything - Split Infinitive - CC

"Against Geneva" (mp3)
from "Adevolve"
(Sector 9 Studios)
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More On This Album

cldscp - Look at the funny bunny - Danny the Donkey - Rack and Ruin - CC (see Chimney Fish)

Hideousmen_Via Laser05 - EPHideous Men
"Stage Magick" (mp3)
from "Hideousmen_Via Laser05 - EP"
(Bocumast LTD.)
More On This Album

Mr. Dee - Zero (edit) - Technologies - Frigida - CC

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