17 January 2012

Purejunk's Winter Leaves

I've been searching for some chillout tracks.

A Lot...

I feel like I've give a lot of attention to Dubstep lately that I haven't paid much to the Lounge/Chillout/Downtempo/TripHop flavors.

This tune...

THIS tune...


CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!

It's called Winter Leaves by Purejunk and it is one darling of a tune!

Winter Leaves (featuring Öllegard) by purejunk

16 January 2012

A tune you should check out!

I've recently joined DubstepForum and have enjoyed listening to the diferent dubs and tunes from folks from all over.

One track I've enjoyed comes from Zillion and it's a dark mover that you should listen to and enjoy.

Here it comes: Zillion with Vindicate!

Zillion - Vindicate by zilliondubs

Zillion - Vindicate

ENJOY and head on over to the forum and let Zillion know what you think!

06 January 2012

Ten Songs I've been diggin' on lately

I was given a gift card to iTunes for the Holidays (yes!) and I have made good use of this present of tuneage to add quite a few tunes to my library.

So, I'll share with you all some songs I found and bought (the youtube vids that is) and one or two which I WISH I could own!

Conquest - Change the World

This is a WISH to own. I've always thought Dubstep and Country/Western could peacefully co-exist and this tune is proof.

HavocNdeed - Headspin featuring Skaught Perry

I've used HND's Dub fi Dub in a few mixes and they do quality work.
Press play and enjoy!

TRG - Time is Now

I found this tune while searching the web and immediate bought it. Some Doctor P like sounds with some tasty breakbeat.

Sukh Knight - Diesel not Petrol

OH FREAK YEAH! Just play the tune. Thanks to GetDarkerTV for introducing me to the True Tigers.

Tunnidge - 7 Breaths

From the Chestplate Crew - this single (both sides) is FIRE!

Matt-U - Mindgame

Get this time and Dope and Peyote and Mindgame and Dope and Peyote and...

Killawatt & Thelem - Swarf

TUNE! TUNE! and TUNE! I can't wait for the 23rd of Jan to get here!

Doomtrooper & Dr. Bloodnugget - Napalm

You cannot hide from this nuclear bomb of a tune!

Distance - Meanstreak

Distance still controls my iPod with his tunes and this is proof why!

Forsaken ft. Joker and Ben Blackmore - Last Saloon Swagger

More Country/Western dubstep with some sweet live instrumentation

Oh, man - there are more tunes I want and did buy as well but I didn't list here and I hope you all enjoy these!