29 January 2013

Dubstep Directive - Diesel Powered Madness

Have you ever felt the ground shake while standing next to a dual or triple engined train combo pushing freight down the track? The engines chugging, black smoke billowing and your feel vibrated by the 6, 7, 8,000 horsepower plus going down the tracks is an invigorating feeling.

This is what this episode of the Dubstep Directive feels like - eight thousand horsepower going down the track with 22 tunes dropping bass, and frequencies sure to shake your chest cavity.

Need to give credit for the picture to the left. You can find the original here, and it was taken by Rennett Stowe. It is licensed under this Creative Commons license.

Big tunes, big sounds, and big bass equals Diesel Powered Madness!

You can download the podcast here.

Captain Carnage
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The Avenue
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Quentin Hiatus
Safe for Humans
Section 8 Recordings
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Feel Stronger
Blue EP
Inspected Records
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Seven Lions
Days to Come
Days to Come EP

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Marty Party w/ Maxiavelli
Angry Beethoven
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Mr. Vandal
Showtime EP
Dirt First

MTA Records

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No Requests (Trooperstormy's 710 Remix)
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SPL and Triage
Hollow Point
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Chek Diss
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Filth Collins
Bomb Bass
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Sub Antix
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Drunken Gypsy
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Dark Days
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Pardon Me

24 January 2013

Big Release! Raggs - In Your Eyes EP

The ElkBeats crew is a fave around these parts! Big sounds and tunes which you can throw in to a variety of mixes.

DJ Raggs, on this release, has teamed up with Dubface and Kinzy for two tunes that will hypnotize you with their beats and mesmerize you with Raggs' vocals. This release takes what you love about liquid dubstep and meshes it so well with the realms of the dungeon.

I can't get enough of "Surrender", and now going back over and over again - I can't get over "In Your Eyes". Do yourself a favor and purchase this release and let it destroy your speakers!

Purchase the release HERE.

22 January 2013

Chilldown Period - Episode 45

It's been a while since I structured a podcast like this and I felt it was about time. I'm going back to the old ways of doing my podcasts with an hour long show of eclectic beats and fantastic chilling.

I want to say thanks to all of the artists, netlabels, etc., who have allowed me to use their music for this episode of the podcast. Much appreciation goes out to you folks!

You can download the podcast here.

We've gotten cold once again in Idaho. The picture to your left is a river here in the area that is frozen over with quite a bit of snow on top. That trail you see on the river is from a cross country skier who decided to take advantage of our frigid temperatures and traverse the water way.

Oh, also, I am getting used to my new microphone and I'm learning how to make it not sound that bad. My voice recorded a bit hotter than I'd would have liked, yet it sounds a lot crisper than my podcasts last month.

Enough of that, let's get to chillin'!

Clock of Death - (It's) Your Time to Die
Deep Darkness (2nd Edition)
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Planet Terror Records
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storiette for reflection
After the Rain
Public Spaces Lab

The Sevens
Radio Format

Lovers and Poets
Head Under Water
Lovers and Poets

magic panda
Silenced Records

The Walker (pt 1)
Living on 8-bits
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Deus Ex Machine
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Royale Blue

Von Daler and Low Pressure
Night Roar - Dietl und Dithmar dub
Digital Graftings - Remix EP
Dub Soul Records
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Exit Signs
The Cave

17 January 2013

Noah D - Fire Alarm

Great music doesn't have boundaries.

Let's start with that statement. It's a bold statement and one which I think fits Noah D's Fire Alarm. Growing up and living in rural areas, music access can be fairly limited. When I discovered grunge, post grunge and rock it was after the boundaries of music broke down and it was already rooted in rural America, ie I was 2 years too late. Electronic music hit me in the late 90s and the tunes "spoke" to me and led me to discover a new world of listening pleasure. Electronic is slowly making in roads in these parts of rural Idaho in the vein of tunes from Skrillex, Deadmau5 and a few others. A lot of metal heads in the country like the brashness of the beats and the "brutality" of the drops. If you are well groomed in the ways of dubstep, this is only ONE facet of a very broad sound.

What makes this EP one that doesn't have any boundaries? It's the album's accessibility. I'm sure you could be in Croydon, Paris, Calgary or Boise, ID, and enjoy the tunes produced on this album. Fire Alarm has an encompassing sound quality which can say something to the Bros and to those who want a tamer version of 140 music. A DJ playing a Bro set could drop "Fire Alarm" and the crowd would be happy or DJG (Grenier) could drop "Nuthin2it" or "Limitless" alongside his "Rivet" and would get the same effect. Heck, I'm sure I could take these tunes to some of my friends around here and get quite the reception. Noah D's Fire Alarm has great bombastic qualities: big brassy sounds, head nodding beats, and dance floor intensities. There are even some meditative tunes which will move you for times when your feet do not need to be in a club. There is a wonderful West Coast flavor within his synths, 808 madness on the percussions, and infectiously repeatable vocal samples. I can hear in my head a crowd going "Get Out" and "Wuh-Oh" with the lead tune "Fire Alarm."

One statement which I feel sums up Noah D's Fire Alarm comes from his closing vocal sample on the tune "Limitless" and it goes like this:

"You know, this music will get bigger and bigger and bigger until it reaches right people. Which to me is the whole world."

If you are a fan of the Dirt First Crew out of Salt Lake City, ElkBeats with Misk and EshOne, the Sin City Crew, or Joker, you will love this album.

You can find where you can purchase the album here.

12 January 2013

subtle - What I meant to say was and More than I could ever

Working in the vein of future grooves, Kissimmee artist subtle is bringing a wonderful take on midtempo relaxation. I featured his tune "Lush" on episode 44 of the Chilldown Period and I can't wait to share more of his tunes in the future!

Kid Kong - Yush and Pyramids

If you have been listening to the Dubstep Directive lately you will have heard an up and coming producer by the name of Kid Kong! He has put out quite a few tasty treats for your auditory sensibilities and one of his  songs I feel is underplayed is his tune YUSH from his Run the Trap release. Do Kid a favor and press play, download and destroy your sound system with this song.

Let's throw in his tune Pyramids for good measure :)

02 January 2013

Lady Killa - National Hater Awards

Big tune from Lady Killa! The Flow, the bass, the melodies are straight fire! I've been playing this tune over and over again! Big ups, LK! One of many tunes I'd love to feature on the Dubstep Directive!