29 September 2010

Creative Commons Choosings - 29 September 2010

It's about dang time I get around to doing this again. I've been fairly neglectful about writing here regularly, with my jobs and all. So, I'm going to do a link, picture, and a brief summation of the album. I hope you enjoy listening to these as much as I have!

Jolea - And the Ghosts that Followed - Audiobaum

A wonderful remix album of Jolea's grand album "Ghostly Figures". The remixes flow from house to chillstep to downtempo. This album needs more attention, so give yourself a treat and download this album!

Nutrition on Tape - Queen Bee EP

While on one of my searching rampages across Soundcloud, I came across Nutrition on Tape. This is a neat album mixing trip-hop beats and quirky voice samples. It's a hypnotic release which has had my attention for the past few weeks!

Erothyme - Coincidentia Oppositorum - Beardology

IDM mixed with Psychedelica going from downtempo into the midtempo regions. It is an album which brings back warm and fond memories for myself. Just a delightful listen!

Octopus 3 compilation - Fresh Poulp

From the folks over at Fresh Poulp comes this tasty treat of artists ranging from dub to trip-hop to grime and dubstep. Just an amazing compilation for your eclectic tastes.

Control Freak - Desert Fox - Heavy 7 Productions

Get ready for one heavy journey mixing glitch, dubstep, and Middle Eastern/Indian instruments. I've used "Drop Your Guns" on one of my editions of the Dubstep Directive, and you need to use all of these songs for your own play list.

You just need to!

Future Lab Compilation - Public Spaces Lab

If this is the future, then the future looks good! More great ambience, etc., from the Public Spaces Lab. Another grab you need to get because I said so!

Pisu - Primavera - Musica Vermella

Dubstep: nice, wonky and groovy. Suda, and Pop come highly recommended from myself. Just a moving album top down. You need this one as well!

Ocoeur - Percevoir - Musica Vermella

Ocoeur is at it again! This time with an EP of terrific IDM goodness to keep your ears tied and your feet occupied. After I discovered the Pisu album, I saw this bit of niceness waiting for me to download at Musica Vermella and I had to do it. Another fine piece of work by Ocoeur - you will not be disappointed!*

*30 Sept 2010 correction - had to change this last sentence... it was bad

23 September 2010

Extra Credit - Volume Two

Hey, Everyone!

Here's another podcast I'm going to drop on you to scratch that itch of eclectic goodness you've been wanting.

We've got electro, dubstep, glitch, trip-hop and even bluegrass hip-hop.

I hope you enjoy this mix and let me know what you think - don't be shy!!

Here's the tracklisting for those of you who want to know!

tricil - The Emancipation - Clear Notice Records

Himuro - Pointing Answer - 4P - Bedroom Research - CC

International ProfileAna Sia, Erica Dee
"Tardigrade Symphony In D" (mp3)
from "International Profile"
(Muti Music)
More On This Album

Fictitious 7 - No. 348/4
"Cake$" (mp3)
from "Fictitious 7 - No. 3"
(The Frequency Lab)
More On This Album

Mass Murder LPMind Killa
"Mantis Rapture" (mp3)
from "Mass Murder LP"
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

Gangstagrass - Nobody Gonna Miss Me [Clean] - Lightning on the Strings, Thunder on the Mic - courtesy of Ariel Publicity

11 - le Sol

Bafana - Rock (Will Never Die)

Industrial Death - Food of the Gods

17 September 2010

Dubstep Directive - Viper Strike

This mix is gonna hit you like a VIPER!

1 1/4 hours of straight dubstep filth heading your way -

the snake is coiled, ready to strike...

when you press play its going to hit you HARD!

let the dubstep seep into your veins and get ready for one heckuva ride!

All of the artists on this show need to be thanked for allowing me to use their music in this volume of the Dubstep Directive.

So, now the snake is unleashed, here's the tracklisting for you to devour!

Link to the original picture used for the cover by acorbit: CC license

Evok Dubstep - Dubstep Jedi

Beatboxer Ekko & Mr Wadz - Nimura Dubstep Vip

pisu - suda - Primavera EP* - Musica Vermella - CC

Dubheadz - Whats Up - MWM Recordings

Luxi - Big Beats

Quantum Digital Dubstep - shut your mouth

Term - Lifted - Dubstep Sessions Vol. II - CC

Dub Gabriel feat. MC Zulu - Tactile Evasion (Liquid Strangers Remix)

Filth Collins - Hold Tight VIP

Robokop - The Highest High

Fixxa feat. Cypriot Vibez - Candy (Dubstep Remix)

OhPlus - Shatter Reziztant

MOTHERDAVID - VeraCocha - Facebook - YouTube

Melodik - precious
- Monkey Dub Records

Fabian - Retroform

Sygen (Subsygen) - One Down - Brutal Attack Records - CC

Warrior Music - Decode the System

Marino 69 - Star - Esprit Records - CC

*correction 17 Sept 2010 - changed location of the link

09 September 2010

The Chilldown Period - Episode 20: Music for a Rainy Day

It's here, it's finally here - Episode Twenty of the Chilldown Period!

This is another in a LONG line of tasty podcasts here at the Chilldown Period, and I'm doing this in continuous mix with me talking at the beginning and the end.

That's right: non-stop music for an hour!

I can't believe it either ;)

We'll be dropping sounds from iodapromonet, netlabels, and special permissions* this set (many thanks to Morningsteppa, Lowpitch, Ranking Records, Leaving Richmond, Auditory Canvas/Clear Notice, dusted wax kingdom). I also need to give proper recognition to the ambienteer for the wonderful music you hear at the beginning of this show.

The picture for this episode of the Chilldown Period was taken from the steps of our apartment building. All that grey and wind and wet was the middle of a WILD hail storm which hit here pretty hard. It's not my best picture, but captures the setting for this podcast fairly well.

*Correction - my apologies for not mentioning the great help these artists have been for their help in this episode (even throw in Per Capita for their encouragement!) Without their help, this podcast would not have been what it is.

It's time for the tracklisting!

Make & DoMerka
"DYAF" (mp3)
from "Make & Do"
(Fat Records)
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Amazon MP3
Buy at mTraks
More On This Album

Plane That Draws A White LineAlias & Tarsier
"Plane That Draws a White Line" (mp3)
from "Plane That Draws A White Line"
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Amazon MP3
Buy at mTraks
More On This Album

leaving richmond - your personal infinity - The Bird and the Submarine

Drink The SeaThe Glitch Mob
"Between Two Points (feat. Swan)" (mp3)
from "Drink The Sea"
(Glass Air)
Buy at Napster
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

Auditory Canvas - Sea of Memories and Dreams - Enter Calico - Clear Notice Records Buy at Amazon iTunes Music Store

Sharing NotesBreton
"The Well" (mp3)
from "Sharing Notes"
Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

85 decibel Monks
- Digging for Rocks - Reel to Real EP - dusted wax kingdom - CC

Lowpitch - Black Star - Boxing Bet E.P. - CC

Tales of the Lost CatFilm Noir World
"Earth Mission" (mp3)
from "Tales of the Lost Cat"
(Per Capita Records)
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

Strobelight - Cut - Lights Will Guide You Home - CC

Morningsteppa - same as yours

Submotion Orchestra
- Finest Hour (Planas Remix) - Finest Hour EP - Ranking Records

"Cold" (mp3)
from "Silence"
(Esprit Records)
Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

Love Songs to the SourceBluetech, Katrina Blackstone
"Change" (mp3)
from "Love Songs to the Source"
(Interchill Records)
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Peeling In The Drum / Comical CheatingRemy LBO
"Succession" (mp3)
from "Peeling In The Drum / Comical Cheating"
(Porter Records)
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More On This Album