23 September 2010

Extra Credit - Volume Two

Hey, Everyone!

Here's another podcast I'm going to drop on you to scratch that itch of eclectic goodness you've been wanting.

We've got electro, dubstep, glitch, trip-hop and even bluegrass hip-hop.

I hope you enjoy this mix and let me know what you think - don't be shy!!

Here's the tracklisting for those of you who want to know!

tricil - The Emancipation - Clear Notice Records

Himuro - Pointing Answer - 4P - Bedroom Research - CC

International ProfileAna Sia, Erica Dee
"Tardigrade Symphony In D" (mp3)
from "International Profile"
(Muti Music)
More On This Album

Fictitious 7 - No. 348/4
"Cake$" (mp3)
from "Fictitious 7 - No. 3"
(The Frequency Lab)
More On This Album

Mass Murder LPMind Killa
"Mantis Rapture" (mp3)
from "Mass Murder LP"
Buy at Amazon MP3
More On This Album

Gangstagrass - Nobody Gonna Miss Me [Clean] - Lightning on the Strings, Thunder on the Mic - courtesy of Ariel Publicity

11 - le Sol

Bafana - Rock (Will Never Die)

Industrial Death - Food of the Gods

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