17 September 2010

Dubstep Directive - Viper Strike

This mix is gonna hit you like a VIPER!

1 1/4 hours of straight dubstep filth heading your way -

the snake is coiled, ready to strike...

when you press play its going to hit you HARD!

let the dubstep seep into your veins and get ready for one heckuva ride!

All of the artists on this show need to be thanked for allowing me to use their music in this volume of the Dubstep Directive.

So, now the snake is unleashed, here's the tracklisting for you to devour!

Link to the original picture used for the cover by acorbit: CC license

Evok Dubstep - Dubstep Jedi

Beatboxer Ekko & Mr Wadz - Nimura Dubstep Vip

pisu - suda - Primavera EP* - Musica Vermella - CC

Dubheadz - Whats Up - MWM Recordings

Luxi - Big Beats

Quantum Digital Dubstep - shut your mouth

Term - Lifted - Dubstep Sessions Vol. II - CC

Dub Gabriel feat. MC Zulu - Tactile Evasion (Liquid Strangers Remix)

Filth Collins - Hold Tight VIP

Robokop - The Highest High

Fixxa feat. Cypriot Vibez - Candy (Dubstep Remix)

OhPlus - Shatter Reziztant

MOTHERDAVID - VeraCocha - Facebook - YouTube

Melodik - precious
- Monkey Dub Records

Fabian - Retroform

Sygen (Subsygen) - One Down - Brutal Attack Records - CC

Warrior Music - Decode the System

Marino 69 - Star - Esprit Records - CC

*correction 17 Sept 2010 - changed location of the link

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