18 August 2009

It's decided! - 18 August 2009

We have a winner in the cover contest! The bottom cover has been chosen by a count of four to two! Thanks so much for your input and putting up with my incessant retweets!

Look for Episode 7 to be out the second week of September (first if I'm feeling overachieverish!).

Once again, thanks to all.

09 August 2009

Cover Choice for my Next Podcast - 9 August 2009

Hey, Everyone!

I'm back (I know, so soon) and I need a bit of help.

I've designed two covers for my next episode of the Chilldown Period and I'm at a crossroads as to which one I need to pick.

My beautiful wife and I traveled to a local destination to take pictures of one of the forks of the Snake River. I picked this spot because of the sheer beauty of the area. There was a spillway that seemed to say "take a picture of me!"

I obliged and these two designs are what I have come up with. You can tell me which one you like by emailing me at ublfsounds@gmail.com or by sending me a message at twitter.com/ublf.

Thanks for everything!

(two votes from my wife and a friend for the top picture, four votes for the bottom - @ambienteer, @kieronjames, @leisureaddicts, @slacklineradio)

Update - more pictures of our outing can be found here: http://twitpic.com/photos/UBLF

08 August 2009

The Chilldown Period - Episode Six - the William Edition

Here goes the playlist for Episode Six! It is dedicated to a special young man I met not too* long ago by the name of William.

William, keep spreading your sunshine where ever you go!

I do need to make a correction for the program. I forgot to mention the name of the song I played by Proof of Concept. The name of the song is Product of Experience and you will enjoy it.. promise!

I also massacred a bit of grammar in this episode*, so please forgive me for that.

Enough of my mumblings, now with the list:

"Metronomicon" (mp3)
from "SuperConductor"
(Evidence to the Contrary)
Buy at iTunes Music Store

More On This Album

DosCulver City Dub Collective
"No More My Love" (mp3)
from "Dos" (Everloving)

And How!Weather Pending

"Midlands" (mp3)
from "And How!"
(reapandsow, Inc.)
Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album
Buy at Everloving Records
More On This Album
Chill Pill Vol. 1Jazzelicious
"Meditation on a Groove" (mp3)
from "Chill Pill Vol. 1"
(Groove Gravy Records)
Buy at Amazon MP3

More On This Album

update 9 August 2009 - made some grammatical and style changes

07 August 2009

Quick playlist before I head to work - Episode Six - the William Edition

Here goes a quick playlist before I head to work - sorry for the rushed nature of it all!

Fomat for this: Artist - Song - Album

City Rain & Outputmessage - I Remember - I Remember EP

Computo - Metronomicon - Superconductor

Somio - Deva - Deva

Culver City Dub Collective - No More My Love - Dos

Weather Pending - Midlands - And How!

Just Plain Ant - Back to This - Black Soap

Jazzelicious - Meditations on a Groove - Chill Pill Vol. 1

Apples in my Hands - Prettyhideous

Proof of Concept - Product of Experience - Product of Experience EP

Kings of Polka - Norwegian Hoppvals - Every Man's Polka

06 August 2009

Follow Friday - taking it to the blogs - 6 August 2009

I forget who on twitter started taking #followfriday to the blogs (was it @pure_tone or @fjfonseca?), but I'm going to follow suit. It does make sense to bring it here to avoid the clutter of it all! tiny url: http://tinyurl.com/yh5syxk

@slacklineradio - first follower here on the blog, and I'll list him first on this list o' mine. I know this line isn't original, but I'm gonna use it! He's flatline chill. As I said tonight (6 August 2009) on twitter, and I'll say it again, he brings you such a relaxed sound that you don't even know if your heart is beating anymore!

@chilloutscene - second follower, second to be listed. he's a blip.fm DJ, and a connoisseur of all things chill. If you head over to his blog spot - www.chilloutscene.com - you'll find bands, places, and events which help bring your stress levels to a minimum. Keep him on tabs, 'cause he'll show you the way for more chill in your day (did I just make a kitschy (try definition #2) rhyme. I'll get over it).

@kieronjames - a grand fellow, if I do say so myself! He's kind, affable, and I hear he bathes quite regularly myself. Well, uhh, now I made things awkward! He's got a nifty downtempo project called Somio which you should listen to in the future. Don't question, just DO! ;)

@ambienteer - heavy on nice, low on calories! A kind soul who's always got an uplifting word or two to say. He shares with us the world through his musical abilities! I use his song "Albania" for my intro/bed music and I am very thankful to him for that. It seems he's either putting off sleep for some module noodling, heading out to see his sweetie, or hanging with his son.

@morningsteppa - grand master selector! If you're tuning in to KFM radio out of Auckland on 106.9 weekday mornings (from 8-10 am), you'll get to hear the master at work. Dub, soul, funk, hip-hop, and chill to help the morning commute pass by in style. He keeps it #ticey!

@_alka - nifty IDM from New Jersey. He mixes textures, keys, atmospheres and identity into the tunes he weaves. Full fledged focused fidelity!! He's been following me almost since the beginning of my reign of terror on twitter and I can't wait to hear more stuff from him in the future.

@thomasraukamp - my netlabel daddy! He's always searching the net for great tunes and is willing to share them at noumenonphenomenon.com. I'm planning on making a netlabel/creative commons themed podcast for Episode 7 of the Chilldown Period in which I'll have to give Thomas almost complete credit.

@fjfonseca - does he ever SLEEP? Seriously, does he? I'm always finding tweets ranging from new @PublicSpacesLab music to geek news to news of the weird. I always find his links entertaining and enlightening and worth the click!

@cityraintunes - I know, I know, I know - another post or something to do with City Rain. Well, if you guys would check out his music, I wouldn't have to do this over and over again! Great music with great flow, says I. Oh, by the way, listen to his music. You know you wanna!

@auditorycanvas - owner of Summer Rain Recordings and digester of music! If you haven't checked out his music, and the music of his other artists, take time to do so here.

@dulceflur - bringer of chilled out ambient soundscapes. Also, he shares quite a bit of his musical knowledge and is a dang good conversationalist! He's got music on both Bandcamp and over at Summer Rain Recordings. Plus, he uses a hammer dulcimer in one of his tracks - how cool is that!!

@weatherpending - slick trip-hop/chillout/dub/etc music from the Bay Area of California. If you haven't checked out my last Episode of the Chilldown Period (#6), I played their song "Midlands" on it. The rest of their music is just as chill worthy as the single I played. They're also very generous and will be doing a Below Zero Happy Hour in the near future. Keep coming back to this blog and I'll let you know when that is going to happen and where (somewhere in the Bay Area).

@ElectronicEel - Indie Electronic Music. Home of great acts such as @_alka, @cityraintunes, and Axiotronic. I came in contact with this little label that WILL a few months ago and have enjoyed every minute of it. If you're into IDM and other electronic music mixed with dashes of other stuff, then Electronic Eel is your cup o' tea! Head over to their website and hit up their artists for some good music.

@JustPlainAntRVA - heck, yeah! Why do I say this? Simple - he's Just Plain Great (yeah, I made a play on his name to describe him, listen and you'll understand why!). If you want a mesh of history and modern times while listening to music, you don't have to search any more. His latest offering, The New Black, will keep you interested while flipping on an internal switch for more of his music. Sorry if I sound like a crazed fan, but one listen, and you'll be hooked. He's also given some great recommendations for music, yet another reason to check him out!

@MoShang - Chillout from Taiwan! The Sound Jeweler weaves samples from everyday life in Taiwan and mixes them into fine sounding songs. He's even known to take samples from his audience members and mix them in the same night! I've dropped on of his tunes into Episode Four and it couldn't have been a better match (along with the others!). He also streams shows on his website which you'll find a link here and on the side bar.

@glideascope - chillout wizardry! My goodness, just simply good chillout grooves and sounds. Throw in some orchestration, nifty samples, and top notch electonics and you get "music to your ears" (boy, I need to stop being a "used up sayings" monster!). I've known of @glideascope for a while, but never really dived into his music. That last part is ever changing as I've got a lot of catching up to do!

@solipsistic - podcast of note! I've just started listening to solipsistic and I'll tell you after the first time - he's got a nifty set up going. I know, one time may not seem a lot, but with his broad selection of electronic music with research skills - I'll definitely give him another listen! You can wander over to his website here for more.

@netlabelLover - helping keep you in the know! If there is a netlabel hashtag to be found, netlabelLover will keep you informed! I've found some pleasing finds through nll's tireless searchings. Keep an eye on his/her's tweets, you won't be let down!

@modularfield - netlabel from Cologne, Germany! Bringing you great sounds at www.modularfield.net. Take a few minutes and check out the audio goodies they share with you! Enjoy!!

@_thesilence_ For the fact he uses Yoda in DJ regalia is enough for me! Great podcast he does bring, yes! He also gives you sweet picks on his website "Turntable Thoughts." Give the little green turntabler a chance, will ya?

@ohbliv - another artist with nice sounds from Just Plain Sounds. You have to check oh.bliv out - you can hit up archive.org to check out his team up work with Just Plain Ant (called Black Soap), and also his beat album which recently launched called "Rugged Tranquility". Nice, tight sounds!

@parachutesfail - nice and nifty acoustic, etc. sounds. Great song writing mixed in with wonderful guitar sounds. Plus, he's a great conversationalist! We've had some conversations where I've found myself laughing out loud. Not just "LOL" and done - belly laughs! Check out his music here.

@pure_tone - smart as a whip and amiable as can be! One of my first encounters with Tone was through a blog posting. He was writing about sound engineering concerning some of the nuances with sound. I tried reading it, and with my infinitesimally small amount of knowledge about the subject, I had to pass on it and understand - he's got more than a leg up on me about this. A lot of the artists I follow go to him for their sound needs, so I take it that's proof of what he does. Besides all of this, he's great to talk to as well!

@sleaze - beats, lyrics, wit, generous, and more! I'm very much a night owl, much to th dismay of my lovely wife, and the internet is a megadistraction along with twitter. There have been plenty of nights when I'll find Sleaze on and catch up on what he's saying. Oh, and by the way... he also raps and makes beats too. You can catch him on his blog called Ketchup Please (he even has a link to ketchup cookies! ).

@per_captia - indie to the jones... uhh - yeah, we'll go with that. I'm not good at making cool little sayings, but this is a cool record label outfit from Nashville, TN. They have music all over the musical spectrum which I have featured a few times on my podcasts. If you like swanky trip-hop: they have it. More of an acoustic aficionado: they have it. Cinematic angst: got it. Jazz: got it. Polka-dub: not yet - DARN IT. They're gracious and kind and I hope to see what 2010 will bring from them! http://www.percapitarecords.com

@illingsworth - hailing from Detroit CYDI and bringing the beats. If you have not checked out his bandcamp site you. must. do. so. know! (Jedi mind trick hand wave thingy). I forget how I came across his music, but one thing is certain... I found it on twitter! He's also doing a pretty cool, trippy, nice sounding album with Erik L which will drop soon. He's got a nice formula of hip-hop beats to make your head nod. Just what the doctor ordered.

@pixieguts - internet + electronic music + pixieguts = your new guide to music. I was on one night check out the twitter flow when @solipsistic gave us all the heads up he was doing a show featuring the lovely @pixieguts. I immediately went to her website and discovered an amazing catalog of sounds which our lovely heroine has made or helped to create. She has a new project out called @PIXSID mixing her vocals with DJ Sid the Apocalypze's stylings, and all I have to say is check it out, I can't say much to do it justice.

@alexhudish - atmospher and ambiance - Alex is a kind fellow who allowed me to use his music on my latest edition (#11) of the Chilldown Period. If you check out his music at hudish.com, you'll understand the compliments I paid him for his excellent sound. Don't forget, follow him in twitter!!!

@phatkid - nice, smooth and likes ginger ale - you can catch him at his website or over on myspace. He's bringing you experimental, electronic sounds which you will find intriguing. Plus, he's got a freaking piranha as his profile picture at twitter. That's right! Ph33r teh PhiSH!

@JoeyRipps - and yes, he did say that - kind of an odd introduction you might say, but this master of the honest rhyme will leave you in stitches laughing at his tweets. We've had some fun banter back and forth about things from dreams to what constitutes a great Thursday night. He's also got a great release out on Just Plain Sounds called "Infinite Growth", which you need to check out. Plus, his current picture is RoboCop on a freaking UNICORN!

@innerlightmusic - meditative chill - @innerlightmusic first contacted me by email about using his music in an upcoming podcast (by the way - you'll hear it on two podcasts, March and I'm thinking May as well of '10). We've had some good conversations over the past month or two and I'm grateful to @Autorotation for introducing ILM to me. Check out his music and follow him, he's a really neat guy! :)

@DubliminalCOM - wobble wobble bass bass - I'll have to say, DubliminalCOM has re energized me in the ways of the Dubstep. His website is informative and has tonnes of great videos helping you realize the path to dubsteppiness! Get your follow on and check his website out!

@belowzerobeats and @saridag - these two tweeters are your cosmic guides to the wonders of chillout music and relaxation! I've listened to Below Zero for a good long while now, and it's a podcast which I listen to on a REGULAR basis! And while I'm mentioning BZB, I'll mention @saridag, both of them are inseparable! Get your follow button out and make them apart of your twitter experience.

@LCL_netlabel - dub! A great netlabel out of France with a nice catalog of artists and good music which you need to become familiar with. That's right, I said you should get familiar with them! They've been kind and wonderful to talk to about their music. Find the Follow button and make sure you find out what they're doing so you can stay up to date on the music and artists they bring to us.

@junglejsipod - late nights and wobble whomps! Junglejsipod comes to us from an undisclosed location from America's midwest, constantly in search of the tunes which you need to hear from genres and sub-genres such as drum and bass and dubstep (plus a few more). I've had some nice late night conversations with him and he's directed me in the way of some nifty tunes. Follow and you'll find the path to the music which will make you move!

@HipGnosis23 - friendly, thoughtful and great to follow. I'v been meaning to add Mr. Hip to the lineup for quite some time now, and I've finally gotten off my butt to do so. HipGnosis23 brings you all things glitch - from glitch hop to dubstep. He hosts a show on glitch.fm, I believe, and is constantly bringing sounds to his timeline. Plus, he's a nice guy, so that helps the following as well. He's got a few releases out, I believe, with one released on Summer Rain Recordings.

@Herald_DUB - Ahhh, yes - dub dub dub Fresh! @Herald_DUB deserves a spot here for his kindness and his sharing a mix for us here on the Chilldown Period. Head to his website, http://kingdub-community.com to hear his mixes and take a chance on his online radio channel to find out what music he is always bringing to your ears. Respect, bless and much love to the dubmaster from France!

@Clearnotice - a netlabel on the up and coming. I've recently started following Clearnotice, and they're going to release an EP by Kieron James in the near future. So, scurry on over there and find out what they're bringing to the table.

@bootslam - funky music for you! I've been checking out bootslam's recent offerings and all I've got to say is (to borrow a phrase from Properly Chilled) NIIIIIIIIIIIICE! I cannot wait for his latest pieces to be released so we all can hear what the bootslammer is cookin'.

@infraBuse - dubstep/glitchy goodness! I can't remember who introduced me to the sounds of infraBuse, but after on take, I was hooked. You'll get to hear one of his tunes on the Dubstep Directive and he's been very kind to me. So, because of all of this I approve of you following the one known as infraBuse!