09 August 2009

Cover Choice for my Next Podcast - 9 August 2009

Hey, Everyone!

I'm back (I know, so soon) and I need a bit of help.

I've designed two covers for my next episode of the Chilldown Period and I'm at a crossroads as to which one I need to pick.

My beautiful wife and I traveled to a local destination to take pictures of one of the forks of the Snake River. I picked this spot because of the sheer beauty of the area. There was a spillway that seemed to say "take a picture of me!"

I obliged and these two designs are what I have come up with. You can tell me which one you like by emailing me at ublfsounds@gmail.com or by sending me a message at twitter.com/ublf.

Thanks for everything!

(two votes from my wife and a friend for the top picture, four votes for the bottom - @ambienteer, @kieronjames, @leisureaddicts, @slacklineradio)

Update - more pictures of our outing can be found here: http://twitpic.com/photos/UBLF

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