02 August 2009

My Top Five - 2 August 2009

I don't expect this to be a permanent part of the blog, but I've just felt like I should share these songs which I have recently found with you all. 

Some of these songs I will feature on upcoming podcasts, so stay tuned for future upates.

#1 City Rain and Outputmessage - I Remember

Why? I explained this my previous post - but the catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics combine for a wonderful piece which you will enjoy. This song will headup my next podcast due out later on this week.

#2 Ez a Divat - Nofun Nofun

Catchy, funky downtempo beats? Check

Honey laced female vocals? Check

Lovely melodies with nice hooks? Check

This Budapest, Hungary based group takes all of these pieces and melds them together in a song which you need to hear! A piece which has been featured on Thomas Raukamp's noumenonphenomenon.com as one of his daily picks. Netlabel music at its best! Here is the Mr Bird Remix!

#3 Just Plain Ant - Della Reese

I will admit Just Plain Ant's latest offering - The New Black - is triumphantly addicting! One standout track on this 34 track outing has to be Della Reese! Catchy and danceable, this tune may only last a minute and a half, but its affect will last with you all day!

Plus, I love the actress Della Reese.

#4 Prettyhideous - Apples in My Hands

It's got to be the slide guitars! Just HAS to be. The vocals help it along. Plus the quickly sung chorus is done in a melodic manner to vamp up this wonderful song. I discovered this group while scoping out www.bnxt.com. Check it out!

#5 So I'm Jo - Everything's Ahead

Electro-disco straight from Sydney, NSW, Australia with a trancy feel will fill your ears mixed with pleasantly breathy male vocals! I recently found this little beauty and then discovered it was one of Thomas' picks not too long ago. I can definitely see why!!

That's it, my top five for right now.

Go forth and find out for yourselves!

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