14 July 2009

Wrap Your Ears Around These Artists - 21 July 2009


Okay, that's played out...

Here we go ag...

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Let's just get to the goods, shall we?

Here are my Wrap Your Ears Around These Artists!

First up - Saine.

Lauri Saine comes from a land of chilldown... quite literally! Finland is the homebase of this chilled out beat slinger. If you tuned into Episode 5 of The Chilldown Period, I put Saine as the lead off to another near hour of great tunes.

To put his music simply, I would say (and have said) that his music is "Instrumental Nostalgia."

As stated in his bio, he is walking the line between recorded and sampled elements. Through this collage of technical skills he keeps the ears intimated to whatever clever sounds he can meld together.

I call his music "Instrumental Nostalgia" because each of his tunes will bring back some sort of memory. Whether it is a stroll down a beautiful river, listening to basketball players in mid game, sitting at a street side cafe, or relaxing next to a loved one - Saine's tunes will bring those fond memories back.

In another sense, Saine's music can become nostalgic. You have the chance to take the music and create a fond place for it in your life. 

There are plenty of glitches, and subtle blips to accompany the catchy hooks and organic feel to his two full length albums and his free EP 'Clockwork.'

Anyway you choose to use or place nostalgia in your life, allow Saine's music to be a catalyst in doing so!

Up next is City Rain.

City Rain comes from an underground source of trip-hop/chillout/IDM: the city of Philadelphia. The city that has brought us great acts such as Natalie Walker, Daughter Darling, Beauty's Confusion and Echo Slightly has another talented son found on this list. 

As his myspace page says, he throws in dance floor minimalism and guitar licks alongside catchy IDM hooks.

It's this indie feel that has kept my attention ever since I first caught wind of his music.

His latest record, 'This I Will Remember' recounts the three month period waiting for his mate to come back who resides overseas (source here).

Now looking back, and relistening to his music once again, I can sense the feelings of anxiousness, joy and hope (source) mapped out through the measures. High pitched tones, rich guitars and flowing melodies meet the emotion he puts into his craft.

Trying not to sound like I've just completely ripped off his bio, his tunes, at least to me, have soothing qualities and youthful tendencies (that is the only thing I can think of to help explain what is in my mind) which keep the ethereal (try definition 1a,b) melodies reachable and relatable. 

(ADHD moment: Plus he has a song called 'Bon Giornio, Sleepysaur'!)

One of his songs has recently taken on a life of its own. This I Will Remember has been remixed by Outputmessage, with lyrics added, to make one great tune. If you dig the Postal Service - this will be right up your alley. Not wanting to seem sycophantic I will embed the video of the final product, "I Remember" right now.


Third Artist: Dick "Two Ton" Baker

I can see some of you with both eyebrows raised in sudden wonder. I can explain. 

I was listening to the Wild Wilson show on 247polkaheaven.com today, and at the end of his show he played a song called "I Like Stinky Cheese." It is a catchy polka tune which prodded my curiosity to find out more. 

If you have heard of the Dr. Demento radio show - then we have a connection here. His music has been featured on it, and also on his own radio show back in the 1940s.

Yes, we are going way back.

I've listened to a few of his songs and the playful lyrics, the joy in his voice, and the catchy tunes pull you into his style.

Weighing in at 350 lbs/158.76 kg may have led into his nickname, but according to his biography, so did his engaging personality. 

He said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune:

"The only thing I've ever wanted to do in this world is play the piano and sing on the radio. This isn't work, it's play--and I'm getting paid for it! . . . I like to think my radio show helps make people a little more friendly. The world is full of petty stings. I hope my monkeyshines [pranks] and songs make people forget the barbs for a little while."

I hope you find his music as interesting as I have. 


That should do it!

So go on out and Wrap Your Ears Around These Artists!

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