06 January 2012

Ten Songs I've been diggin' on lately

I was given a gift card to iTunes for the Holidays (yes!) and I have made good use of this present of tuneage to add quite a few tunes to my library.

So, I'll share with you all some songs I found and bought (the youtube vids that is) and one or two which I WISH I could own!

Conquest - Change the World

This is a WISH to own. I've always thought Dubstep and Country/Western could peacefully co-exist and this tune is proof.

HavocNdeed - Headspin featuring Skaught Perry

I've used HND's Dub fi Dub in a few mixes and they do quality work.
Press play and enjoy!

TRG - Time is Now

I found this tune while searching the web and immediate bought it. Some Doctor P like sounds with some tasty breakbeat.

Sukh Knight - Diesel not Petrol

OH FREAK YEAH! Just play the tune. Thanks to GetDarkerTV for introducing me to the True Tigers.

Tunnidge - 7 Breaths

From the Chestplate Crew - this single (both sides) is FIRE!

Matt-U - Mindgame

Get this time and Dope and Peyote and Mindgame and Dope and Peyote and...

Killawatt & Thelem - Swarf

TUNE! TUNE! and TUNE! I can't wait for the 23rd of Jan to get here!

Doomtrooper & Dr. Bloodnugget - Napalm

You cannot hide from this nuclear bomb of a tune!

Distance - Meanstreak

Distance still controls my iPod with his tunes and this is proof why!

Forsaken ft. Joker and Ben Blackmore - Last Saloon Swagger

More Country/Western dubstep with some sweet live instrumentation

Oh, man - there are more tunes I want and did buy as well but I didn't list here and I hope you all enjoy these!


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