08 April 2010

Dubstep Directive - initiate

Update 9 April 2010 - I redid the whole show... My apologies for my unprofessionalism once again - there is no excuse.

Links to the original picture used for the cover and its CC license:

The 8th of April is finally here and my first dubstep mix is going live! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this what it is: from the artists who produce the music to the labels and netlabels who bring it to us, to those on twitter who have helped with feedback, and finally to you the listener who help make this happen.

For those whom I didn't mention on the podcast that I need to make a shout out to, we have infraBuse, KidLogic and my friends and neighbors alongside my wife, Lady Ten10, for their time, effort, and listening to my show over and over again: Thanks!

I call this show "initiate" because it is my first step into the dubstep world. Sure, I've had songs on other shows with that wobble wobble thump thump, but this is my first try at a dubstep show. I hope you enjoy it and don't be afraid to share feedback with me!

(oh, the B1t Crunch3r album is called Neuro Science - I made that mistake on the podcast)

Now it's time for the showlisting!

The Next LevelT.O.B.
"Phrygian Mode" (mp3)
from "The Next Level"
(Muti Music)
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More On This Album

infraBuse - The Easter Egg! (hidden track) - A state of Mind EP - CC

Unpure Dubstep - EPSubstacja
"Breakdub" (mp3)
from "Unpure Dubstep - EP"
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More On This Album

Hurtdeer - Brookhaven - Junta - acroplane - CC

Chrome Plated WobbleProject Midnight
"Fly" (mp3)
from "Chrome Plated Wobble"
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More On This Album

B1t Crunch3r v. Killer Alien v. Phonetic System - White Hole Nocturne feat. Jay Cotton - Neuro Science EP - planet terror - CC

DS-10 Dominator - Dubstep Gives me Food - Cheap Dirt - mp3death - CC

Version Big-Fi vs. New Order - Blue Monday

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