24 February 2011

Dubstep Directive - Road to Valhalla

Update 1 March 2011: The Tracklisting is updated and you will find links to all of the artists on the show from last week.

I hope you enjoy the music!

I'm going to do a quick tracklisting tonight because I'm fairly exhausted.

I give all credit to Sleaze for inspiring this cover. I was out trying to get a great photo last year, saw the mountains in the background, the road - then I remember a few days after taking the shot...

Sleaze did an album cover with a similar flavor a while back. So all of the credit goes to him for inspiring this podcast cover.

Now, to the tracklisting (download the show here):

Silver LiningMimosa
"Pushing Little Daisies" (mp3)
from "Silver Lining"
(Muti Music)
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More On This Album

Dark Elixir - Ghost Signals

D'Artist - Hype Talk

HellNegative - The Fifth Element

Blooandmax - Hell's Army

12th Canvas - Terminator

DJ Big F -Welcome to My World

haX - narchaotics

Dub-Rex - Hit 'em with this sound

SPL & Triage - Valhalla - Valhalla EP

Trystan Seven & Rhinoceros - Marry Jane - Irradiated

Binarity - Generate - Dregs EP

Prosmack - Gamma

Natural Frequency - Sanctuary

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