05 June 2011

Chilldown Period 28 - Stage 2, XSL - The Slot Machine

Made By Robot and Public Spaces Lab have released another great release in their Number Stations series.

I was doing some searching for great number stations inspired songs and then a couple of months ago I remember - there's another Number Stations Compilation on the way.

It's good stuff and I'll send you over to their site to find out more right here.

Made By Robot's page about the compilation as well.

Also, loads of thanks go to Hugh at Ominous-Valve.com for allowing me to use his Slot Machine oddity sample.

Correction - Yatsamuti Dub is done by Amen Hoetep on Comabetic not by Comabetic.

Here comes the playlist!

% - Phon - Number Stations II - Public Spaces Lab - CC

specta ciera - With Birds - Accumulation Section - Earth Mantra netlabel - CC

Tree Helicopter - Prarie Fire - Moon Calf - Webbed Hands netlabel - CC

Desmond Denker - Projecting Fear - enough dubs 2

Madtone - Emerald - A Message from Madtone

ambienteer - konets - Number Stations II - Public Spaces Lab - CC

Kreyk - Red Eyes - Red_ep - NoisyBeat - CC

Carl Brown - Pharaonic Dusk Irdial - The Carl Brown Album - The Centrifuge - CC

soundproof - planet red

Grooveshysta - Just a Ghost - Number Stations II - Public Spaces Lab - CC

Sam Squarewave - NumbersSong

Rabid Gravy - Blam

Amen Hoetep - Yatsamuti Dub - Comabetic

Made By Robot - Balaklava - Number Stations II - Public Spaces Lab - CC

Madtone - E3 Madtones unclean mix

Mindblock - EPSpikes
"Bacon" (mp3)
from "Mindblock - EP"
(Scion Records)
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Anonymous said...

Leaving my track aside this is all really good stuff :) If you're at all interested there is a harder edged version of "Blam" that I play live on the session I did for MANTIS Radio last year at http://soundcloud.com/rabidgravy/mantis20100822, as well as on a couple of the other live recordings :)