19 September 2012

Many Thanks!

I want to say thanks to everyone who have listened to this month's episode of the Chilldown Period! Especially to those living in Latvia who have listened to the podcast. Everyones' downloading and listening is in a way a GIANT hug to me no matter where you are at. This was an experiment, a jump into the dark and it was fun doing a podcast like this*. The outpouring of support, thank yous and listens has made this experiment one worth doing again.

This month has broken all listening records for downloading of the Chilldown Period in a day, week and in one month and its only been about 5 days since it has gone up.

You all are TREMENDOUS!

Here is where you come into play and I need you to comment in the comments section - what city, area, state/province/etc, country should we sonically venture to for December's episode of the Chilldown Period?

Once again - thanks everyone for this episode of the Chilldown Period!

*Update 21 Sept 2012: I corrected my grammar in one of my sentences

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