08 May 2013

More artists you should pay attention to - Whomping Willow crew

I forgot when I came across the dynamic duo of G. Spin and Piecemeal from Big Sky Country. I think I was listening to another artists on soundcloud and I came across a comment in the timeline from "Whomping Willow" and sometime the name makes me go further down the rabbit hole.

Holy Moly Guacamole was I impressed and I am STILL impressed! Let's start off with a diddy from the team up of Whomping Willow called Augment.

Now let's dig into a couple of soundwaves from G. Spin - get your shock absorbers ready!

Let's finish up with a couple more deep space reaching tunes from Piecemeal.

This is one of those times where I wish I owned a night club. I would have the Dirt First Crew, Whomping Willows and the Elk Herd from Elk Beats and Noah D. These are things I have in my dreams.

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