11 January 2009

Find of the last two weeks! (Also my wishlist...)

Here's a hat tip to Eamonn from Under!

If you're looking for another downtempo/chillout podcast that'll fill your need for slow grooves; head on over to Lifestyle Chill.

James Williams does a nice job mixing relaxing tunes to keep everything on the down low (I don't think I used that term correctly, just take it as it is. It's hard making up new "catch phrases" or using old ones in new ways). I recently downloaded his Lifestyle Chill #13 Podcast and it has become a staple for my workday! James also does a great job introducing his acts and keeping you interested in what he says without getting in the way. 

I give it my full UBLF endorsement! 

Here's to Lifestyle Chill

My Wishlist moment

(Update): Okay, I have weird tastes and odd requests, but go with me on this one! I've warned all of you I like polka. I am not gonna hide my love for the "Oom-Pah-Pah," the accordion and the bouncing tuba riffs! You can't make me! Now, listen now and don't laugh to hard. I think you could add to the 2/4 tuba and the wailing accordion some skanking guitar, titillating (see reference 2, definition 2 and leave out the last two parts) turntable, and some static-y glitchiness. What would you have... POLKA DUB! I'm not kidding. I think it could work! It would be one of those "Not ready for Primetime Players" albums, and may even get some laughs, but I'd love it!

(Update 2): We have a new gizmo on the side of the page! Thanks to James over at Lifestyle Chill, you can now listen to his podcast here! If you want to add it to your site, that's not a problem either. 

h/t Lifestyle Chill

correction: I decided to finally do my homework and found out that most Polkas are in a 2/4 time signature, not 3/4 as my post said. There is a Swedish dance (heavily influenced by the Polish) called the polska which is in 3/4. 

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