08 May 2009

The Chilldown Period - Episode 3

It's that time of month for the Chilldown Period to grace your speakers once again! This episode begins my highlighting of artists from the Electronic Eel label, so head over to their website and show'em some love. 

Who says this twitter thing won't amount to anything?

Plus, we'll hear from great acts such as Mechanical Me (now Lumenessence), Chimp Beams, DJ Mayonnaise, and many more.

I also need to give production credits to my lovely wife who helps me with my music selection process. She's always willing to give her two cents whenever I ask for it. 

Thanks, honey!

Enough with the yappin', it's time for music!

I Like MixesMechanical Me (Bonobo Remix)
"Beachy Head" (mp3) from "I Like Mixes"
(Lumenessence Recordings)  More On This Album
MeninaChimp Beams
"11217" (mp3) from "Menina"
(Concent Productions, Inc.)  More On This Album
Volume OneSoulphonic Soundsystem
"The One" (mp3) from "Volume One"
(Convincing Woodgrain Records)  More On This Album
The Nest And The SkullUltre
"Peace Corpse" (mp3) from "The Nest And The Skull"
(Audiobulb Records)  More On This Album
automataartificial life preserver
"gamma loader" (mp3) from "automata"
(Psymbolic sounds)  More On This Album
LAL Lost RemixesLAL
"Shallow Water" (mp3) from "LAL Lost Remixes" 
(Public Transit Recordings)   More On This Album
Caught In The LoopGoldfish
"Love And Hate" (mp3) from "Caught In The Loop"
(Black Mango Music - Afrolution)  More On This Album
Still AliveDJ Mayonnaise
"Easily Distracted" (mp3) from "Still Alive"
(anticon)  More On This Album 
Life In The SunJol
"Life In The Sun" (mp3) from "Life In The Sun"
(DNM - Dealers of Nordic Music)
More On This Album
Sound SutrasGovinda
"Breathe You In" (mp3) from "Sound Sutras"
(Intentcity)  More On This Album 
"Ghost Hardware" (mp3) from "Untrue"
(Hyperdub)  More On This Album
The Empty Hall SessionsKava
"You (Light My Cigarette)" (mp3) from "The Empty Hall Sessions"
(Fabrique Records)  More On This Album
Here for NowSeventh Swami
"Serpiente Cosmica" (mp3) from "Here for Now"

(Muti Music)  More On This Album

Update (10 May 2009): I reworked the first paragraph... it was embarrassing! 

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