28 May 2009

A Preview of a Future Post - 29 May 2009

I am currently on vacation here in Oklahoma and I have neglected to put up a review of alka's latest album "a dog lost in the woods" coming out on 2 June 2009.

One term I can use for this album: drool-worthy!

There are so many hidden sound gems (to steal a thought process from Electronic Eel's press release about the album and what I have written about alka's music before) that you have to listen to it with headphones on, in your stereo and in the car. It has so many angles which will lead your imagination in so many directions.

A favorite feature comes from the track "immolated." As the track presses forward, a higher toned/pitched sound is introduced which you can feel - yes, you can feel - in the back of your throat. I've listened to the song on both a laptop and my iPod and have come to the same physiological conclusion each time.

This is just a small example of what I have neglected and will try to rectify as soon as possible.

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