06 June 2009

The Chilldown Period - Episode Four

It has finally happened, the "Twitter-in-the-Mist" Mix is up and I'm pleased with the outcome. There are so many talented people on twitter.com, and they are the ones who made this Episode!

Thanks so much to all of you!!!

The only thing I really did was get the courage to ask, and add voice to the Podcast. That is not me fishing for compliments... it's the truth. 

So, down to business! I'm going to give you the artist and the track with the twitter address you can follow said act.

Update (6 June 2009): I've added the a page dedicated to the artist (whether their homepage or a myspace page) and a link so you can either buy or find their album(s). 

alka "alpha pilos" from "a dog lost in the woods" twitter.com/_alka Buy Album Here

MoShang "Soli" from "Chill Dynasty" twitter.com/MoShang Buy Album Here CC

Ambienteer "Playground" twitter.com/ambienteer

Version Big-Fi "Serious Sounds" from "Crux Collide Hybridize" twitter.com/bigfi Find Albums Here

City Rain "Skyscraper" from "This I Will Remember" twitter.com/cityraintunes Buy Album Here

Orisha "Beautiful Thing (Album Version)" from "Falling Open" twitter.com/emicorn Buy Album Here

Strange Republik "No Tomorrow" from "No Tomorrow" twitter.com/strangerepublik

Below Zero - Minus 1Under  "Under" (mp3) from "Below Zero - Minus 1" 

Official Website (Below Zero LLC)  More On This Album 


- Leisure Addicts "Lazy Train" twitter.com/LeisureAddicts

JC Lemay "Spirit of Eclipse" from "Deepsound Sessions Vol. 1" twitter.com/JCLemay

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