14 January 2010

The Chilldown Period - Episode Eleven

2010 - a new year and on the threshold of a new decade!

Heck, I still remember the whole Y2K thing like it was an annoying yesterday! But, we need to get back on track and we have a great show set up in store for you.

It seems like forever when I first started working on this show, and I think the work and the help has paid off!

Many thanks, once again, to the ambienteer for the theme song and to so many different artists who helped make this show happen.

Here comes the line-up!

Panda Transport - Dark Horse - Monorail

Rumorse - Alexandra Avenue Orbit Will RMX - A Future Without Sampler #ONE - A Future Without

Alex Hudish - Ozone

Soft Words Traverse - Sprawling Certainty - Gently

henri.petterson - sensor - traveller e.p. - no response - CC

DJ Racy A.J. - Street Loony - Rust Tree LP - dusted wax kingdom - CC

Anno Bergman - Sunshine - The Free Tenderbytes - modular field - CC

M.W.D. - Rico - Singing Forest - Budabeats - CC

Autorotation - Mittelschmertz - Everything is Everything

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