11 January 2010

Creative Commons Choosings - 11 January 2010

A month has passed by and I thought I'd drop on in and get you guys updated on some Creative Commons music which I have found need to be shared with you, the readers, over the past four, maybe five weeks. If you haven't heard much about Creative Commons music, do a search for either CC itself, or netlabels or both - you will NOT be disappointed.

M.W.D.'s "Singing Forest"* is a fun little trip into the musical jungle.... you know what - I shouldn't have gone that cheesy. But the fun mix of "nu-jazz and broken beat with a little downtempo and electronic spice" (from the budabeats.com website) will keep you coming back for more. I love the fine mix of drums through out the record. To me, a good rhythm can make or break a song - all through out his loops keep my interest piqued with funky melodies and samples coming in to keep the album interesting. For some songs, like "Elephant", it seems as if M.W.D. has reached through time to find a swinging crooner to sing over the nouveau-antique beats he creates. His touch of guitar samples, such as on Rico and others, keep the energy dutifully flowing on this album as well. (Also, check out the jazzy goodness on "Snake" - you will not be disappointed).

On a side note, you'll get to hear Rico on my upcoming podcast due out this week!

For my next find, you have to read the review of her music over at Public Spaces Lab, for I cannot do her music justice like they have there! I'll do my best to give you an insight to how I dig the music, but they have the market on this piece.

adamned.age's "whiteout" is a brilliant minimalist album. It's got all the bits and pieces you will come to love such as glitch, a nice and slow tempo, some keen keyboards (see "infinite expanse"), dark and gritty emotion, and a hypnotic flow to keep you going back through the music time and time again. You'll have to check it out to see what I'm talking about.

Like I said earlier... check out what PSL said about her music, it's worth the read!

* Updated 12 January 2009: Singing Forest not Swinging Forest.

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