25 November 2010

The Chilldown Period - Landmark Series Vol. 3

This podcast has been a fun one! Thanks to everyone who has helped me it this way.

The other night, after I had asked the question "Should I do another podcast?"; @per_capita on twitter answered in the affirmative. After asking what type I should do, either #ambient #dub or #avantgarde, I decided to go to soundcloud and see what all three would bring me.

After doing so, I got a nice mix of sounds! Also, I came in contact with another group of fine artists and netlabels!

Win! Win! Win! Win!

Now, with all this in mind - we have come to this latest edition of the Landmark Series. I hope you all enjoy ;)

Eusebio - What an Amazing Flight - One - Local Records - CC

Basic Elements - In Time - CC

San Jaya Prime - IO - CC

ocp - Miramar - descansar um bocadinho - qunabu - CC

Abstract Ballet - Luna Imperial - CC

Ben Hildebrandt - Tom's Buffet - CC

cloudcycle - nebula - cloudcycle - back$hish - CC

lectronice - you have been destroyed - cats don't cry - Streams of Europe - CC

Heinali - Ugly Bird in a Cage - CC

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