18 November 2010

Dubstep Directive - Joint Operations Task Force

The Joint Operations Task Force mix takes artists who have used other styles mixed in with dubstep to give this show one heckuva sound. We'll go into some filth, some hardstyle, some drumstep, robostep, etc. to give you all what you want: bass, beats, and breaking bones!

And you get all of this in one nifty little mix!

Big ups to all who have participated in this show and who've listened and downloaded!

You can download here!

Corrections to the show: Haine's song is Redrick; not Hedrick and jinDOMINO's song is This is the DARTHSTEP.

Haine - Redrick - I love the Rain on my Scars - CC

Prophetnoise - Tootsie Womp - CC

Dstruct.O - Godzilla

Mark Grundell - Mixing Genres is Just Another Form of Making a Subgenre, They're Just as Silly

Rowelly - Hardstyle

jinDOMINO - This is the DARTHSTEP

Evil Hardstyle - Overdrive Style - CC

The Dokta - Ruffneck Sound

Enno - Epic

Beat Mass feat. Beat nik - Halloween

Morphamish - Face the Darkness - The Urge Mode EP - Urge Mode - CC

Crunch - 'Step' it up a Notch - Alt Ctrl Del

Danejah - Can You See Me

FiFuLL - All They Got is Talk

bOFUM - Distracting the Cat

DUB-Z - Weapons Initialized

Dorian (Ian van Dor) - Natural High - CC

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