01 April 2011

Dubstep Directive - Put 'em Up!

Photo Attribution to kristine.mackin - Bear Fight 2 CC

I needed something fierce for this, the Put 'em Up mix.

Thanks to all the artist whom I have come in contact for this show and for them allowing me to use their music. Big Ups, y'all!!

This is an hour of floor stompin', arm flailing, dubstep music - I hope you enjoy!

(side note, the maxi-playlist will be up shortly. I'm doing this on the fly and will have everything out ASAP. As soon as this is compiled and put on the interwebs, I've got to go to my other job. My apologies once again.) (side side note - the tracklisting is up and running)

Also, my apologies for not having this show out when I thought I'd have it out.

My fault.

Now the tracklisting:

Astral - Show Face

Fudge - Dub is Here to Stay

Figure - The Werewolf (Dubstep Mix)

FLAK - Night of the Phaser

Grizzly - Thinking

LOGAM & TL - AT-ILL - Santoku Records

RISK - Two-Piece Jigsaw - Two-Piece Jigsaw EP - Monkey Dub Records

The Hamster Alliance - Neurotransmitter Decay

Basis - Mine

Vibez - Red Hand

Famous Figures - Synth Massacre

Defcon - Dream

SDrug - And So I See You

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