02 October 2011

Dubstep Directive - Bass Flying Madness

This episode of the Dubstep Directive will have some fluttering tones, some quirky bass, and dark undertones as the Bass Flying Madness goes from your speakers into your ears!

Special thanks to Diffrent Music, BEAZT, MonkeyDub Recordings, NoXoN, Truth, Shinjin, Droplitz, Dark Elixir, burning prophet, secondwave and many others for this awesome episode of the show!

Let's head on to the tracklisting and share all the amazing sounds!

Shaded - Gone - DIF00D2 - diffrent music

Shinjin - Destroy all Humans


June - Fungus - CC

VEXX - Not yet titled Track - Filth Force Five - Triple Hexx

.BEAZT. - Insanity Murder Chaos - DIRTY

Lurk SauceAudiovoid
"Lurk Sauce" (mp3)
from "Lurk Sauce"
(Muti Music)
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"Hotley Cru" (mp3)
from "Spawn"
(Muti Music)
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Dark Elixir - Saw Inversion

Truth - Straight Jacket - Defy Recordings

Droplitz - (dub)Step Forward - Presets of the Mind - CC

Epoxy - Secrets

NoXoN - Big Lines

Decklyn - With a Fire in My Heart - KONGA EP - MonkeyDub Recordings

burning prophet
- subject elimination

secondwave - time and space

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