16 October 2011

Chilldown Period - Episode 32

Autumn has hit eastern Idaho and the weather has hit a Chilldown Period as well. Heck, we've even had an inch of snow a couple of weeks ago (didn't last many days in the lower elevations) so this soundtrack is extremely appropriate for this time of year.

Many thanks to everyone who has made this show possible!

Now, let's get to the tracklisting and I hope you enjoy the show!

Cuthead- - Iron Lung - LaptopBattle Compilation 2009 - phonocake

"We Fill Gaps" (mp3)
from "Ellipses"
(Audiobulb Records)
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Burnerodd nosdam
"Untitled Three" (mp3)
from "Burner"
Stream from Rhapsody
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uccelli - (double set) spout!/ride the tide & porpoise songs - Porpoise Songs: A Tribute to Christian Riese Lassen - anansi netlabel

Just Plain Ant - The Bridge (Instrumental) - The Bridge feat. Sleaze - BlocSonic

Black Orchid: From Airlines To LifelinesAscii.Disko
"White Lines / Black Lines" (mp3)
from "Black Orchid: From Airlines To Lifelines"
(Artoffact Records)
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The Esoteric Gender - Do Not Disturb - Prelude (courtesy of Ariel Publicity)

MrMamadou the PiArt - Kiss Your Heart feat. Paula Medrano

Cry Of The AgesNanda
"Amazing Grace" (mp3)
from "Cry Of The Ages"
(Muti Music)
More On This Album

Jolea - Doppelganger - ...And the Ghosts that Followed: the Other Side - Audiobaum

PinkLogik - Phosphene Dance - Inverse - Section27

Bloop - Deep Blue Trees feat. Kate Brown

BinaryPulse - Strom - IDMf029: Barely Legal Compilation - IDMf

Audiofunk - All that Jazz - Scene 2 - BPM:120 website

Rain Dog - One to Love - See Hear EP - Cut

Alinah Sipps - Poslednjaja Vstrecha - Jazz Cafe - Subwise

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