17 August 2012

Artists and Sounds I've been digging lately

Okay, I've needed to do another top 10, top 20, top SOMETHING for a while now...

AstreauxWorld - you've supported me to get this out...

And now here it is!

Jeeze, I don't even know how to approach this. I'm just going to give you a list of songs that I've been rocking out to lately. Some of them new, some of them a bit old, and SCREW CONTINUITY!



 And here it goes... My list of some of my top songs (not comprehensive to SAY the least) at the moment.

Number Q - Jman & Gravity - 2 sides of the River

GOOOOOOD FREAKING HEAVENS! This song is a BANGER! I want this tune ASAP! Outs to Jman, Gravity and Pulsar for making my nights go long with this tune's repeated plays on my computer.

Number Threeve - Elizabete Balčus  -- Wooden Horse

Emotion.... this song is beautiful emotions emoted through emotional music, emotionally. WOW! I love it tremendously.

Number Omicron - Champion - Crystal Meth

Conversation I had with my wife (kinda like this), "Why's this song called 'Crystal Meth'?"
Me: "Cause the tune is catchy like Crystal Meth."

This was an insta-download when I heard it! Massive tune

Number Nucleus Maximus Percentagus - Owsey - Places We Never Went Together

Owsey... Owsey... OWSEY!!! Just a swell guy, terrific producer, and a swell guy.   If you are looking for a tune to be your intro into his style - let number nucleus maximus percentagus be your intro into his wonderful world!

Number Indigo Five Niner - Hiatus & Shura - First

See Elizabete and Owsey - combine their powers and you get Hiatus & Shura with First. WOW! Nicety to the next level!

Nunber Eleventy - Sum - Drunken Gypsy

Sum - Drunken Gypsy by Ringe Raja Records

Triple R has a banger on its hands and it's waiting to let it go. When this bomb drops, you'd better get your self out of the contamination area... or do you want to get INTO it?

Number S.O.S. - Noah D, Antiserum, and Newham Generals - Gonna Get Dark

 This is a favorite of mine to play in the car and attempt to sing along to. Why do I say attempt... Lyrics are like Movie Quotes to me... I never quite get them right.

Still enjoy the music, just can't get them right.

Enjoy the SONG!

Number Delta Blue - Swindle - Do the Jazz

I recently learned of Swindle... and I have spent a bit of cash on Swindle's tunes. This is the song which has also occupied quite a bit of my musical time. Let the Jazz over take you!

Number Fiftifity - Shifty - Etched Perspective

Shifty - Etched Perspective by __Shifty__  

 FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!  This song is FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE! I am honored to have been able to play it in my past edition of the Chilldown Period and I hope you enjoy it as well!

Number Nandos - Kahn and Neek - Percy/ Kahn - Margeaux (parts 1 & 2)

Kahn is serious! Love these tunes! massive stuff and I wish I could have gotten one of the Percy plates.

Number Thursday - EshOne - Theme Pouch

ELK004: EshOne - "Theme Pouch" - Out Now on elkbeats.com by Elk Beats  

The Elk Herd have a GRAND selection of tunes to enjoy, and this one is... makes... OKAY I'M GONNA GO BUY A POUCH NOW!!


Number Octavius Belmont the IVth - Wild Belle - Keep You


Number Argon Sodium Hexadexaphosphotophate - 

Razor Rekta - LokoMotive 

Proxima - Grunge 

SP:MC & LX One - Hunted

Matt-U - Uncontrolled

Oh, and like you need to ask why I like these songs?

Number Orion - Mr. Vandal - Jelly

This song, when I first heard it, almost made me go crossed eyed from how AWESOME it is! Now I want a Peanut Butter, Nutella and Jelly sandwich.

Number Solitaire High Score - Kid Kong - Harsh Frequency

Harsh Frequency (Mix 2) by Kid Kong (Edit Alliance)

DO NOT SLEEP ON THE KID! KID KONG SMASHES with his tunes! OH - wow, the bass on this tune is, well, MASSIVE! His Trap influx on this tune is  FANTASTIC! 

There are so many more (see Ermin) that I can share for a top list. This is just an intro to what I'm listening to lately. I hope you enjoy!

(and please forgive my lame attempts at being funny)

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