22 December 2013

Calling all Remixers! Lynchy Dada!

Lynchy Dada approached me (@UBLF) on Twitter (@LynchyDada) and asked me to check out their music.

Oh, boy, did I!! Great vocals, lovely atmospheres and the best comparison to their sounds are Flunk, Slopho, Submotion Orchestra a less Avante Garde version of Clytem Scanning, some Pretty Hideous and maybe a little bit of Aim (maybe Frost... maybe?).

This is a group that has mountain of talent waiting to be unleashed on a unsuspecting public!

You can take that statement to the bank!

Now, here's a call to all remixers! Check out their tunes at their Soundcloud page, get in contact with them and see what you can do with their music! They're fantastic to talk to and it would be cool to see what twists the talented artists out there can do with their music. (Flud's remix is great of their tune Gray)

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