28 December 2008

Artist of the Week - 28 December 2008

This week, I'm keeping my AOTW pretty stripped down: I'm only doing one.

And on that note, here she is - Inga Liljestrom!

Let me break this down into organic levels:

Dusky/Sultry (for Dusky see fourth entry, third definition): There is a melancholy-desire inducing quality to Inga's voice. It is injected with enough smokiness to make you picture a jazz diva peeling the rind of your mind to reveal the innermost workings of your soul. Line by line, word by word is shared with inspiration and desperation (not to sound too cliche, but to hear Phoenix for the first time will beckon an inward force toward the surface you haven't felt in a while). 

Basic: The naked essence of her music, choice of instruments and temperaments, and use of range keeps her sound fresh. Example: 29 Poisons. The use of the Spanish guitar as a background for her voice rings with haunting simplicity. The beauty of this song is the LACK of beat. Anything more would be near blasphemy!

Power without Force: In a recent Yahoo! Music blog entry, a list was composed of "Singers who Can't Sing" bullet pointing artists who really can't and those who can but go toooooo far (i.e. Celine Dion). She uses her voice to reward, not punish, your ears. 

You can purchase here music here

h/t: Shawn Amos at Get Back

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