09 December 2008

Properly Chilled and Below Zero Beats

Here come two endorsements from yours truly:

First, I'm going to tip my hat in respect to a cool place to find chilled out beats: Properly Chilled! To the folks over there, I thank them for helping me out for a school project and in return I'll place a link to send all of you over to the wonderful confines of their home on the interlubes. I have found a few tidbits (such as Mr. Chop - fun, funky 70s trip hop) from their vast musical resources which have tickled my fance and encourage you to visit their URL.

This leads me to another website that I found with thanks to P.C. That site is below zero beats. Below Zero is a downtempo/chillout show sent out over the airwaves every Sunday on Energy 92.7 out of San Francisco. As Mason Rothert reminds you every week, he's gonna "take you there!" They have streaming audio of that weeks show, courtesy of Live365, and a link to download their podcast from the friendly folks of Netmusique.

UPDATE: I just want to thank the guys over at BZB for all of their help and their generosity. They've been great to work with and quick in responding to questions. Here's a big ole country "YEEEHOO" to y'all!

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