08 December 2008

Let's get this ball rolling!

Greetings, one and all, to my little hotspot of pretensiousness. This is my futile attempt at a musical blog where I bring you the music I like (and the stuff that I don't) and give you my opinions on it. Will most of you like it... that is yet to be decided. Here's one thing that I can tell you; I'll be writing it. That should be a warning and a relief to a few of you out there.

What types of music will I talk about in my inane ramblings? Trip-hop, downtempo, chillout - the works. Does that mean I'll be limited to just these subgenres? HECK NO! Just, at this moment in my life, I've become a fan of these types of music.

Here's a quick list of groups/artists I've become enamoured with:

Royksopp (Norway)
Kate Havnevik (Norway)
Beauty's Confusion (Philadelphia, PA)
Natalie Walker/Daughter Darling (Philadelphia, PA)
Inga Liljestrom (Australia)
Velure (Australia)
Frost (Norway)
Edison Gem (Los Angeles)

...and the list keeps growing!

Thanks for dropping by, and if you have any music you'd like me to know about or even listen to - hook me up!

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