21 March 2009

Just a passing observation - 21 March 2009

I will readily admit that I'm a passing connoisseur of dubstep music. I find it great to listen to and I like the dark soundscapes the DJs spin out. My musical vocabulary isn't broad on the subject, but I'm willing to learn.

Why do I bring this up?

Simple, the new single "Boom Boom Pow" from the Black-eyed Peas.

In their song they use the line "future beats." When this lyric dropped, my mind immediately started to search through the cobwebs of my mind to find any association I could readily regurgitate.

Then it hit me: Monk Fly uses this term!

In Sydney, NSW*, Australia, Monk Fly helps run HEADROOM - the only club you can find "wonky/future beats". 

The more I listened to the Peas' new song, I started to notice it has a sped up dubstep feel to it. (I could also say there is a Booty Bass/Miami Bass tinge to it as well). 

As I am writing this, I'm checking out the KidLogic and Shambles show on dubstep.fm. My theory is being pieced together as we speak.

I wonder what the Black-eyed Peas used as inspiration for the song. Are they taking something from the fringes and trying to bring it toward the center in a more palpable manner like music producers tried with the "Electronica" movement of the mid to late 90s? (If you want a sociological link to people who live on the edges being brought into the center (people who have similar tastes but my not have all the same with in a group), check out the Homophily theory)

Or I could be completely off and I'm grabbing the most immediate label I have to associate with this song! 

If any of you have a better clue than I do... be sure to drop me a line!


* Just adding the Australian state here. It's a matter of housekeeping, but it is also a matter of respect. How many times do we want to see our state listed no matter who in the world is reporting on someplace in the U.S. My apologies to our friends Down Under! 

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