21 March 2009

Cool new finds!

Here's a couple of hat tips to some cool finds of this past week. 

I've been checking out the Chillout Scene on blip.fm and have to say I enjoy their song selection. There are songs ranging from the "typical": "Destiny" by Zero 7, anything by Boards of Canada and Nightmares on Wax; to the "paradigm shift": "Provider" by N.E.R.D, Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours," etc. 

Chillout is chillout... period! (Was that tautological? I guess if A=A...)

The C.S. digs through all sorts of genres to bring you tunes to help your day run smoothly. 

Their blogspot is pretty informative giving you samples of work they find interesting. (That wasn't well worded, was it? Not even well thought out...)

Now, heading over to the other find of the week: dubstep.fm.

As I have repeated a few times before, I am starting to dig dubstep music. For those of you not familiar with it... slow down some jungle, magnify the dub, use some Mr. Oizo keyboards (but change the RGB filter to dark) and keep the bass thumpin'. 

(Remember, that's how I'd describe this sub-genre.)

Or, take the laser cannon sounds from the video games of the Atari 2600, run them through some crazy filters, put some throbbing beats in there... with a touch of... umm... uhh - I've run out of things to add here. 

Also, a splash of samples! I remembered NOW!

Samples...yeah... samples... along the lines of what you could say a toned down Atari Teenage Riot song (if there is such a thing).

And hopefully... you get the picture.

They've got DJ's on the scene 24 hours a day dropping mixes that will blow your mind! Once they get going, the bass train can't be stopped.

We're not talking a locomotive with a few cars! 

We're talking about four GE EVO series locos pulling 150 cars of bombastic freight! That's about two miles of earbangin' tunes. Don't even try to figure out how much destruction that'll do to you! (All in the good metaphorical way, too!)

Thanks dubstep.fm for the beginnings of my dubstep education!

Keep on chillin' and stompin'!

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