22 April 2009

Artist of the.... Week - 19 April 2009

I've got to come up with a better term for that now. 

With me RARELY doing this feature on a weekly* basis, I think calling it the "Artist of the Week" is somehow dishonest.

How about: "Artist of the Current Time Period."

Or: "Wrap Your Ears Around This!"

I think I like that one...

Here we go!

Wrap Your Ears Around This Artist: JC Lemay

JC hails from Paris, France and, from the looks of his website, is a busy remix artist! I've dived into a few of his interpretations and without being... uhh... sycophantic, enjoy what I hear. 

I came in contact with JC Lemay a few weeks back on one of my twitter accounts (not my music one, but my personal one). Before I clicked on the "Follow" button I did some research and on his profile he lists a website that I decided to check out. I, of course, did and like what I found.

He seems to be a friendly chap (we've only messaged each other a few times) and I hope I can help him spread the word around about his music.

Blogger's Note: I'm basing a lot of my experience with JC's music from his Deepsound Sessions Vol #1 album which you can listen to in its entirety on his website linked above. Here are my thoughts on what I've heard:

JC starts off the album with the floor-banging trip-hop song "Spirit of the Eclipse" making the samples snake seamlessly with synchronized soundscapes seering soothing sinewaves into your brain. (Was the alliteration too much?)

He's also not afraid to bring in the guest vocalist ("Talk to Yourself") or drop some dub in your face ("Artificial Intelligence," "Powered"). Intricate guitar/strings/pianos make appearances in some of his chillers ("Analog Dream," "Can You Feel," "Compassion") to lay a framework for great listening. Throw in some tempered throbbing beats and you have a nice (to steal a word from Brandon at Properly Chilled) release waiting for you when you get home (that's one way to give an object some personification).

For me, Deepsound Sessions has become an after-work-chilldown staple.

He does have the album for sale on his website, alongside his previous releases Trip of Hope  and Urban Dream. Each album costs only 5 euros (which is about $6.52 American today (23 April 2009)). You can also follow him on twitter here.

*changed from daily to weekly

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