09 April 2009

The Chilldown Period - Episode Two line-up

Since Episode Two is finally up and running, I need to give y'all the breakdown and a place to get your hands on copies of the music.

Also, I need to make a few corrections to my commentary on the podcast.

1) Monk Fly is a dealer of abstract/future beats (see his "About" section). His Downtempo Smokers 12" runs the gamut of Hip Hop, Dub and Dubstep. Since Dubstep can trace its origins to Drum-n-Bass (just one of the ancestors), and there is a subgenre of DNB called Atmospheric Drum-n-Bass (or Intelligent DNB: "Intelligent drum and bass (IDB) is the widespread term for the subgenre of drum and bass emphasising influences from lounge jazz and ambient music. The music typically has a very atmospheric or ambient quality, with washes of synthesised pads, and deep sub-bass."), I made a connection and went with it. This is more of a show note than that of a correction.

2) In describing "A Secret Search" by :papercutz, I used the term "three-part line." I meant "three-part chorus" and fumbled the phrasing. According to www.webref.org, a "three-part line" is "[a] single strand of rope or cable doubled back around two sheaves so that three parts of it pull a load together." I guess I could say that the three voices, in the spirit of it all, do help "pull the [song] together." Yes, I know, it's a stretch. With my mood right now, I'm going with it!

3) I called the Alpha Rhythm's song "Two Handed Thing" "Two Handed Thingy." On a side note, I stand by what I said of them bringing a jam band sound to downtempo/trip-hop! (That's a compliment. See: phish, Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit, Grateful Dead, most music that comes out of UNC-Chapel Hill)

Lemme see, I can't think of anything else right now... so let's move forward!

The Line-up:

Downtempo SmokersMonk Fly
"Life's Little Dramas" (mp3)
from "Downtempo Smokers"
(The Frequency Lab)
More On This Album

Lost In A MomentShrift
"As Far As I Can See" (mp3)
from "Lost In A Moment"
(Six Degrees Records)
More On This Album

Groove Closet: Downtempo Bedroom Beats from Ball of WaxxSeed
"Psycho Sol" (mp3)
from "Groove Closet: Downtempo Bedroom Beats from Ball of Waxx"
(Ball of Waxx)
More On This Album

Things We DoNils Krogh
"Things We Do" (mp3)
from "Things We Do"
(DNM - Dealers of Nordic Music)
More On This Album

"Scatwalk (Radio Edit)" (mp3)
from "Scatwalk"
(Sunshine Enterprises)
More On This Album

Lal MeriLal Meri
"Dreams Of 18" (mp3)
from "Lal Meri"
(Six Degrees Records)
More On This Album

T.I.M.E. SoundtrackOdd Nosdam
"Fly Mode" (mp3)
from "T.I.M.E. Soundtrack"
More On This Album

"A secret search" (mp3)
from "Lylac"
(Apegenine recordings)
More On This Album

Farligt MonsterAnalogik
"Farligt Monster" (mp3)
from "Farligt Monster"
More On This Album

Etherea BorealisAurah
"Wise Me Up" (mp3)
from "Etherea Borealis"
(Very Music)
More On This Album

Instra-Mental PatientsDJ Kechup
"9 Inch Snailz" (mp3)
from "Instra-Mental Patients"
(Kid Without Radio)
More On This Album

Proof of ConceptThe Alpha Rhythm
"Two Handed Thing" (mp3)
from "Proof of Concept"
(Earthbird Music)
More On This Album

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